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Finding the Manufacturing Hotspots in Canada

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In recent years, Canada has grown in manufacturing services. With an increased amount of specialized workers employed in the process, Canadian businesses proceed to succeed. With a variety of industries across the region, there are plenty of manufacturing companies to choose from. If you are in a famous manufacturing hotspot in Canada, ensure your company matches with the surrounding competition. Seeking out customers daily is essential to keep up ratings and sales. A manufacturer directory, such as one provided by Scott’s Info, can help companies find the best customers to partner with. 

Hotspots in Canada 


According to a report by Stats Canada, Toronto accounts for $98 billion in manufacturing sales revenue. In this region, automotive and aerospace are common manufacturers with 12 percent of total manufacturer employees. Furthermore, Toronto provides 47 percent of manufacturing sales in the country. In fact, 59 percent of cars in Canada come from Toronto. Common companies seen in Canada include Ford, Honda, Volvo, and Toyota.


Quebec is the largest manufacturer of aerospace equipment that focuses a multitude of their services in Montreal. Montreal witnesses a high multitude of activities as a result of the aerospace equipment. Companies such as Pratt and Whitney Canada. Montreal produces over $62 billion in sales from manufacturing. The landscape of Montreal brings in manufacturers with its attractive features. If you are an aerospace manufacturer in Montreal, use an industrial business directory from Scott’s Info to search for the best businesses to serve. 


Edmonton is also known as Canada’s oil capital. The area has the largest petroleum, coal products, and machinery manufacturing industries. With machines used in energy, agricultural, and construction sectors, Edmonton provides the perfect location for success. With 9.5 percent of the workforce in Edmonton being employed in mining, gas, oil, and machinery manufacturing, the province produces over $38 billion. 


Food processing, wood processing, and electronic manufacturing are hotspots in Vancouver. With communication technology growing exponentially, so are the region’s computer and electronic products. With close proximity to the ocean, manufacturers are closer to fresh air.

Quebec City 

Quebec City has a smaller manufacturing economy, but it is broader. The city manufactures pulp and paper, processed food, wood and metal, chemicals, and electronics. Although the city is small, it produces over $16.5 billion in sales.


The steel industry in Hamilton is famously known as Canada’s lead producer of steel. ArcelorMittal Dofasco is the lead manufacturer and ships over 4.5 net tons of steel annually for projects all over. 

Scott’s Info 

The manufacturing sector in Canada will continue to grow in the foreseeable future, especially in the listed spots above. At Scott’s Info, industrial manufacturers directories assist in providing manufacturers with information regarding local businesses. Serving all of Canada, Scott’s Info allows you to filter the database to find companies in certain areas. For more information, contact Scott’s Info today.


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