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Finding the Best Criminal Defense Attorney

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Finding the Best Criminal Defense Attorney: DUI crimes are the most common offense internationally. In 2014, nearly 1.1 million people were arrested for Driving under Influence (DUI) in the United States alone, and nearly a third were males. 

Driving under the influence is hazardous for both the driver and pedestrians. Getting behind the wheel after having a couple of beers is a bad idea and can also endanger everyone.

You will need a lawyer to get yourself out of jail. The court usually gives you the option of a government-appointed lawyer, but it is better to get an attorney of your own.

You will require the services of a DUI Attorney in Monterey, CA, and they will have to be one of the Best Criminal Defense attorneys around. While getting the literal best may be difficult, knowing your options and weighing them carefully when choosing a lawyer is always best.

Thus, this article outlines the aspects of a good defense attorney and how to choose one for you.

Choosing the best defense attorney 

A defense attorney with experience will benefit you as they can guide you on how the court works, counsel you on your defense, and help you navigate the complicated court system. Here’s how to find the right lawyer for yourself:

Research Well

Find out all your options from the various defense attorneys you can find. You can search online for the right attorneys based on reviews and recommendations from family and friends. Create a list of the potential lawyers you can hire.

Check The State Bar Attorney

A lawyer’s full history will be listed on the state Bar website. You can find any malpractice history and disciplinary actions taken against the lawyers on your list. The Bar list also helps you determine whether the lawyers are licensed to practice in your state.

Meet Face-To-Face

Meeting the defense attorney will help you determine the type of character they are. How they work, and whether they will truly help you and your case. A good lawyer will listen to your case and your viewpoint. And provide relevant advice on how to tackle the case together. They will counsel and provide your family with legal advice and help them understand the situation.

Choosing the right lawyer is essential to winning the case. A DUI is a serious charge; only a good lawyer can get you out of it with a fine. Choose the right lawyer, and do not drink and drive ever!


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