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Finding Effective eCommerce PPC Services For Your Store

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Most merchants would agree that pay-per-click-advertising is one of the most essential parts of any online marketing campaign as of right now. However, most store owners don’t have the time or skills to run their own ads, which means you have to place your trust in a marketing agency to handle this task for you.

Finding the right eCommerce PPC services for your specific business can be tricky, though. Not all advertising services out there even cater specifically to eCommerce, and how do you know which agencies are actually qualified to run ads to the platform your store is hosted on? This can matter a great deal, especially if they come from a WordPress-only background and you need an expert touch for a Shopify store, for instance.

The following tips will help you find the perfect PPC agency that will enable you to market your business correctly.

How to Find the Best eCommerce PPC Services For Your Business
The first thing to consider when looking for PPC services is to look at whether or not they are an eCommerce agency to begin with. Marketing for a regular service-based business and marketing for an eCommerce store are two totally different things. While there is some crossover, you generally want to stick with an agency that exclusively works with eCommerce clients, that way you know you are getting expert advice and campaign strategy.

The next point to think about are the platforms that the agency works on. Does the company only work with Shopify? Or are they a well-rounded and knowledgeable eCommerce agency that offers solutions for stores on a variety of platforms? This is important because each platform is somewhat different and offers different features and hurdles to jump if you want to successfully market through them.

You might think that because your website is on Magento that you would want a Magento-only agency working on your store, but this doesn’t add up when you look a bit closer. What happens when you need to migrate your online store to a new platform? Are you just going to ditch your PPC advertising agency and go with another?

That’s thinking backwards. It’s best to invest in a skilled eCommerce agency that has experience providing services to merchants on all of the major platforms. This is how you will get the best results.

The final point to consider is process. Don’t settle for cookie-cutter marketing plans. You want eCommerce PPC services that provide custom-built campaigns and full transparency, along with comprehensive monthly reporting that helps you get a complete picture of what’s going on with your ad budget and the overall health of your campaign. If your agency doesn’t give you all of this, look elsewhere.

So what is the right agency for eCommerce stores that want to market their products effectively? Genius eCommerce® is an easy choice here. They are one of the leading marketing agencies for eCommerce businesses, with a proven process and stellar reputation for helping stores prosper.

What truly sets Genius eCommerce® apart from the crowd is their smart custom approach to eCommerce marketing. They build campaigns from the ground up and utilize sophisticated targeting techniques in order to maximize ad spend and give stores the boost they are looking for. Without a doubt, they are the best choice for store owners who want to run ad campaigns that actually produce results.

Catering to BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, and all of the other major eCommerce platforms, they are simply the optimal choice. Give them a call today and they will even perform an audit on your website and walk you through what you need to do in order to optimize your campaigns.

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