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Find Your Perfect Nails & Toes Palette with Skin Tone Chart

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A wise person said it very wisely “Beauty comes in all shapes and forms”. However, here I would like to make an addition; “Beauty comes in all shapes, forms, and colors”. When we talk about skin tones what comes to our mind is “Fair and Dark”. My dear, Skin Tones are a lot more diverse than we think they are. The diversity in the Skin Tones can be easily known with the help of the Skin Tone Chart. Why is the Skin Tone Chart needed?

We women are fond are fond of getting dolled up using makeup products, and getting our manicures and pedicures done. Doing them requires the proper know-how of your Skin Type, Skin Tone, and color Palette you have to choose. Skin Tone Chart will help you develop the understanding which will prove to be helpful for you before you go to any formal or informal event or just casually want to get ready to elevate your mood. Before we begin, I would like to make it very clear that following the Skin Tone Chart is not the only way to go. You can wear whatever you like and you can get any look you want.

Let’s Check Out How the Skin Tone Chart Works And How It Can Help You Find the Perfect Nails And Toes Palette 

What is referred to as Skin Tones? When we define skin tone we describe it as the skin surface color that is visible to human eyes. Again, there are a variety of Skin Tones including Fair, Light, Medium, Olive, Tan, and Deep. Fair Skin Tone refers to a light complexion and when exposed to Sunlight even for less number of hours, instantly gets burned. Skin Tones from pale Ivory to Light Beige come under fair Skin Tone. Light Skin Tone is a slightly darker tone that is not too noticeable.

Jumping to Medium Skin Tone, then its vast range is worth mentioning which incorporates from light tan to olive to caramel skin complexion. Olive Skin Tone, which is a widely discussed complexion, has its beauty and attraction. People with Olive Skin Tones, have a golden undertone which is more towards Tan and they often have to choose makeup products, accessories, and hues in clothes wisely. Moving on to Dark Skin Tone which further assorts into Dark Brown to Ebony complexions. This complexion, despite being away from Fairer Tone, defines beauty like no other color. Beauty has a diverse definition and depends on it people make choices for what they have to wear. Beauty enthusiasts don’t stop here. They want matching nails and toes that can take your look to heights.

How Skin Tone Chart Is Used?                   

  • Firstly you need to understand the difference between Skin Tone and Undertone. As we have established earlier, Skin tone describes the color of your skin surface whereas Undertone defines the Skin color in depth. This means under the surface of the Skin there lies another layer with another color. The Undertone decides how your skin has to look from the outside.
  • How you can know your Skin undertone? There are some interesting ways of knowing it.
  • While observing your Skin Tone, do it in natural Daylight as it shows your Skin Tone more accurately because of its consistency.
  • There are superficial veins under your wrist in a particular color ranging from purple or Bluish, Blue-Green, and Olive or Greenish.
  • People with Purple or Bluish veins have cool Undertones, People with Olive or Greenish veins have Warm Undertones, and people with Blue-Green veins have Neutral Undertones.
  • Jewelry tests may also assist you in finding your Skin Undertone. Try wearing gold jewelry and when it suits you that means you have a warm Undertone. Whereas, If Silver Jewelry complements your Skin Tone then you are the one with Cool Undertone. Individuals with a Neutral Undertone are privileged as both Golden and Silver Jewelry suit them.
  • Observe which color of clothing complements your Skin Tone. If you are the one who makes earthy tones look elegant and charming then you are definitely the one with Warm Undertones. If you make colors derived from gemstones look charming, you are likely the one with Cool Undertone. People who can pull off any color are the ones with Neutral Undertone.

Skin Tone Nails And Toes Palette

The image below shows the wide range of colors for your Skin Tone combined with the undertone.

The colors recommended for fair cool skin tones are Steel Blue, Light Grey, Lilac, Lavender, Pastel Blues, Dusty Rose, Mint Green, and much more.

  • Fair Neutral Skin Tones; Nude shades, Rose Gold, Peachy Pink, Corals, Caramel, Muted Lavender, Olive greens, and Nude shades.
  • Fair Warm Skin Tones; Orange, warm Reds, Bronze, Mustard, and warm Browns.
  • Medium Cool Skin Tones; Mauve, Icy Blue, Emerald Green, Burgundy, Glittery Silver, Navy Blue, and Sapphire,
  • Medium warm Skin Tones; Caramel, Red, Bronze, warm Pink, warm Red and Vibrant Orange.
  • Medium Neutral Skin Tones; Mauve, Rose Gold, Dusty Pink, Soft Beige, and Nude shades.
  • Olive warm Skin Tones; Chocolate Brown, Terracotta, Copper Metallic, Warm Gold, Burgundy, and Mustard.
  • Dark Cool Skin Tones; Black, Royal Purple, Navy Blue, Vibrant Pink, Emerald Green, and Deep Burgundy.
  • Dark Neutral Skin Tone; Smokey Lavender, Mocha Brown, Taupe, Olive Green, Charcoal Gray, Metallic Bronze, and Nude Shades.
  • Dark Warm Skin Tones; Warm Gold, Deep Coral, Bronze, Copper Metallic, Deep Terracotta, and Burgundy. 


Skin Tone Chart gives you an insight about not just Skin Tone but also helps you develop an understanding about what is your Undertone and what things you must take into consideration while choosing your outfits, jewelry, manicure, and Pedicure. There are some interesting ways of knowing about your Undertone that you might have not heard of before. We never knew about how your under-wrist veins can help you out in knowing your skin Undertone including Cool, Warm, and Neutral. Moreover, Natural Daylight also is the way to go if you desperately want to know about your Undertone. What we should be proud of is that every color has its own charm and beauty and nature has provided us with enough options to embrace.

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