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Find Best Suit Collection for Men this summer season!

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Pakistan is a land of diverse culture and ethnicity from north to the south and east to the west. Pakistani’s proudly own the cultural and traditional set of values inculcated in us via our families and some by our society. Our national dress is the first thing that enables any outsider to recognize our nationality instantly without having to Google it.

Men dressed up in shalwar kameez suit look highly elegant and sophisticated. So let’s begin with the trending men’s unstitched fabric brands in Pakistan to fulfill your wardrobes this summer season.  

Every day wear shalwar kameez suit

As the name is self-explanatory, “wash n wear fabric” requires little or no ironing after the fabric is washed. Out of all the fabrics, a suit is made from, this material usually remains crease-free if hung properly after washing and only a little effort of ironing is required. The wash n wear fabric is available at a lot of stores featured in the latest summer collection 2021. This is a classic choice for men’s kurta shalwar due to its soft touch and easy to manage property. You will be able to find stitched clothes as well as unstitched ones in this material, at almost all leading brands such as Gul Ahmed, Khaadi, Dynasty Fabrics, Pasha Fabrics, etc.

Types of men’s unstitched fabric

All those of you who are in the search of the finest of all fabrics, then lookout for the following materials mentioned below from any of the clothing stores that offer men’s unstitched clothes and ready to wear dresses. Your classic eastern wardrobe should comprise the fabrics such as cotton, fantasy Latha, boski, Egyptian cotton, wash n wear, silk, and royal silk.

You may also opt for blends of your choice such as a unique combination of cotton and silk, Egyptian cotton and polyester, linen and cotton, and so forth. However, it is important to remember that the more the blending, the quality of the fabric also drops. So be ready to pamper yourself by wearing shalwar kameez from the latest summer collection available at your nearest store.

Trendy Egyptian cotton suits

Suits made from Egyptian cotton are considered of premium quality. What makes Egyptian cotton is a fine yarn due to its speciality; the hand-picked cotton straight from the fields to turn it into a high-thread-count yarn, for a soft and fine fabric. This material is also commonly featured in unstitched and pret wear at all leading brands.

For the royal look

A man’s personality can be perceived with his sense of styling and dressing. Therefore it is always preferred that men should dress to impress at all times. Keeping in view this ideology, several men’s brand in Pakistan try to achieve this goal by providing their loyal customers with unique and latest wardrobe options for their festive gatherings. Talking about looking royal on festive occasions, men often prefer wearing something crisp and crease-free in texture and has a lustrous shine. Therefore, royal silk, fantasy Latha, silk, and boski are the preferred options. You can always add a personal touch to your shalwar kameez suit by getting an embroidery patch on the neckline or sleeves, or by getting stylish pockets sewn, or some fancy buttons.

Take your suit to the next level

This summer season take your dressing to the next level by choosing the high-quality material for your shalwar kameez suit and kurta pyjama. You can style them with additional pieces of garments such as waistcoat or add some ornamental cuff links for a handsome look. You can also get stitched waistcoats from the ready to wear dresses section of the stores. For those of you who want to get a customized style of waistcoat, they can do so by selecting a fabric of their own choice and colour from a variety of Egyptian cotton suits or unstitched section, and add some fancy buttons, some stylish pockets, and a pocket square to take your entire dressing to the next level.

You may also opt for materials like royal silk or fantasy latha for a rather crisp look where such materials give a sheer shine and make you look elegant and sophisticated for any occasion.

Fast track online clothes shopping

Several brands try their best to facilitate their loved customers with the fastest dispatch and delivery service via online clothes shopping.  You can easily choose from the stitched or unstitched collection of kurta shalwar suit or shalwar kameez suit along with a waistcoat, cuff links and studs for a complete western attire from any brand’s official website.

Create a dapper look

Men look handsome the most when they dress up gracefully in eastern attire. Waistcoats are like a finishing touch in the dressing department for men. It brings out the overall attire of one’s outfit. Waistcoats are generally worn for formal events over kurta shalwars and are an ideal piece of dressing for all such events. You can self-design your waistcoat by selecting the base material, color, stitching style, and buttons to go with it. If you like to keep it classy and elegant, go for colours, such as black, maroon, beige, and pastel shades, etc. These are also available via online dresses shopping; for formal and semi-formal dressing.


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