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Figuring Out the Reason Behind High Humidity in Your Room

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Your air conditioner isn’t just a temperature controlling machine, but it is capable of controlling the humidity level too. In fact, the intention behind the invention of the first ever air-conditioning system was to remove excessive humidity from the surrounding atmosphere.

So, if you have an air conditioner in your home, but the indoor environment is still humid, the nit’s an indication that your device is not working properly and in that case, you should not make a delay in calling the AC repair Sunrise experts. A timely rectification can help to avoid a major collapse, which is why AC repair Sunrise services are now available for 24×7, just to provide same-day assistance. Without wasting much time, let’s explore some common AC problems, which may lead to high indoor humidity.

At first

We need to understand how your air conditioner removes the moisture from the indoor atmosphere. It is done with the help of the condensation process that takes place when the moisture present in the indoor air comes into contact with the freezing cold evaporator coil. It’s a continuous process that goes on until the indoor temperature and the humidity level becomes comfortable to the user.So, you now know the process through which an air-conditioning system controls the indoor humidity level along with the temperature. Let’s now have a look at some common reasons responsible for high humidity levels in your air-conditioned room.

A layer of dust

Over the evaporator coil is one of the most common reasons behind the high indoor humidity. Describing in simple terms, if there’s dust present over the evaporator coil, then it will certainly obstruct the heat-transfer process. As a result, the condensation process won’t be good enough to remove the excessive humidity. Though, it’s not a much serious issue, but if not resolved at the right time, then it will definitely turn into a much bigger problem.

Sometimes, a large amount of debris clogged in the AC filters can also be the reason behind high indoor humidity. Apart from that, an insufficient refrigerant charge sometimes also leads to a highly humid indoor environment. Showing negligence in any of these situations will only make the matter worse. So, it’s your responsibility to hire the professionals to fix it if your air conditioner is suffering from these problems.


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