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Few reasons why study permit applications can get refused in Canada

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The refusal of study permits is quite common in the case of international students. There are myriads of reasons why students face rejection in the study permit application. However, the prime one is that if you apply it without authentic guidance then there are a lot of chances of getting negative news. Do you really think that you can apply for a study permit without the help of the professional certification holder immigration agent? If your mind is moving in such a direction then you will surely face rejection once in your lifetime. 

They are the ones that will surely provide you with soulful guidance in such a manner. Moreover, you will get an open certificate to convert your dreams into reality. All the applicants aiming to study on an international level need to make sure that their application should be strong enough. Moreover, it successfully convinced the leading authority of Canada. You should always keep in mind that your application should have all the important requirements that can easily become one of the major proofs behind the approval of the study permit. This can only be done if you seek the guidance of the best immigration consultants in Jalandhar.

In this blog, we have enlisted some of the effective reasons why your study permit application can get refused. If you’re scrolling the internet for the same cause then look no further and read this blog with the utmost concentration in hand. 

 Prominent reasons behind the study permit refusal

  • Insufficiency in the funds

Yes, it can surely become one of the basic reasons behind the refusal of your study permit. You should be well versed with the fact that the tuition fee starts from $15000 CAD per year. The authority of the Canadian institutions always looks for authentic proof to convince their mind that this specific candidate can easily pay the fee and bear the expenses of the Canadian nation. The chances of getting a refusal can be minimized if the student provides authentic proof of funds.

It’s the only source that can surely help the student stay comfortably in the Canadian nation. We understand the fact that it may sound normal to you but mind it. It is one of the prominent reasons why most of the students face rejection regarding the study permit. If you don’t want to face this problem in the near future then link up with the best Canada visa consultant.

  • Limited or no travel history 

If you haven’t travelled anywhere then it can also become one of the major reasons behind your refusal. The leading authorities often look for some proof that can help them understand that you are familiar with international travelling. If you desperately want to overcome this hurdle then connect with the leading immigration consultants in Jalandhar. They can be your one-stop destination because they hold a lot of experience in solving such types of problems.

  • Draft a proper study plan

You must be thinking about how a study plan can surely help you avail a study permit. However, it is the prime step that can help you move forward towards your dream. Without a doubt, a good study plan can easily convince the IRCC officer for approval. You need to keep in mind that the choice of the program should be in complete progression of their previous study plan. Moreover, it should make whole sole sense to the authorities. If you lack in such a case then the chances of getting refusal increase a lot. So, it is highly advisable that students should craft a proper study plan to gain optimistic results. 

  • Good family ties to Canada

As productive and relaxing it sounds, but the real fact is that having a relative and family member can become one of the prominent reasons behind your refusal. It may sound surprising to you but in reality, it is the actuality of life. If your family members have some wrong history then it can also reduce your chances of getting a study permit.

If you really want to sabotage such a case then you are required to surf the website of the best Canada visa consultant. Without a doubt, they can become one of the leading sources that can surely help you study on the international level. With their help, you can easily convert your dreams into reality.

 Final Thought

All in all, we understand the fact that you are desperately looking for a way out that can surely help you study on an international level. Never think that you can apply for a study permit without the help of a leading source. As this can become one of the prime reasons behind your refusal. Make sure that your study permit application should have all the essential things in hand. Which can help you convince the visa officer. Transform your career by connecting with the adept immigration consultant around your area.


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