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Features You Can Enjoy From PrognoCIS EMR

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Choosing the right EMR can be a difficult process for any kind of practice out there. No matter what the circumstances of you choosing an EMR are, there are a lot of options that you can consider during your search. This also depends on whether you are using EMR for the first time as a practice, or if you are looking for an EMR to replace something you use.

Either way, we are excited to tell you about PrognoCIS EMR, a tool that can be utilized to manage your practice. So, what is there to find out about this software? Well, the software also comes with some amazing features that don’t often get the limelight that they deserve. So, to solve that problem, we will be going through this software’s top features for you!

What Is The Point Of An EMR?

An EMR is an acronym for a solution known as an electronic medical record. This is a tool that is used by practices across the country, in an effort to improve the way they work. The software also has a notable role in assisting practices in developing sound relationships with patients. This helps to engage patients better and leads to far better outcomes. 

The features offered in EMR are crucial. They can really make the benefits mentioned above attainable for most practices. The software features have a huge role to play in creating a workflow that is optimized, efficient, and productive for the practice over time. Therefore, EMR is considered so essential to practices that it is even mandated by some regulations. 

About PrognoCIS EMR

PrognoCIS is EMR that was put forth to the world through the company Bizmatics. This EMR software has been around for about two decades now, which means it has come with all of the extensive experience needed to create software that can address the gaps in healthcare. Since its creation, PrognoCIS EMR has built a reputation of trust, reliability, and high results. 

Features of PrognoCIS EMR

As we have mentioned above, there are some great features out there that you can get to if you use PrognoCIS. However, you may not pay attention to all of these features and what they can bring to the table. To help you appreciate the impact, we’ve narrowed the list down to five amazing tools that can be a huge help at your practice. Read on to learn more!

Prescription Capabilities

Using the PrognoCIS EMR software, you can go ahead and manage all of your prescriptions in one set place. The software includes comprehensive tools that can really make the action of prescribing medicine quick and easy for everyone included. The prescription is created online using the software, screened for errors, and then sent over to the relevant pharmacy. 

Connect Administration

When you are running an entire practice, clinical documentation and management are just one of the many tasks you need to complete. Aside from that, there is the whole logistical nightmare of actually providing administrative support to the practice. This can be done with PrognoCIS EMR when you integrate practice management tools seamlessly into the EMR.

Patient Portal

Patient portals are designed to facilitate access when it comes to patients that go to any practice. For example, patients can use the patient portal provided in order to do things like filling out forms. A portal is also an effective tool because it keeps track of upcoming visits and even sends out reminders. Aside from this patients can also see their own health data. 

Customizable Templates

When you use an EMR for the first time at your practice, you want to make sure that it is totally adaptable to your workflow. This cannot happen without the presence of templates. The best part is, PrognoCIS EMR comes with an entire library of templates with a lot of different options. This is what allows you to collect data that is required to provide care.

Telemedicine Facilities

In the COVID-19 pandemic, making sure patients continue to have access to quality care is a major priority for practices. Therefore, it is time to shift towards innovative technology that can allow you to do just that. PrognoCIS actually comes with some telemedicine features that can assist you as you continue to meet patients. You can do this via chat or video call. 

PrognoCIS EMR Reviews

According to PrognoCIS EMR reviews, there’s a lot of positive feedback on the features that you can get through this software. Reviewers call this software a flexible option that can adapt to various kinds of practices. It also fits in well to cater to your workflow. The fact that the software is cloud-based has also come in handy for other practices, especially in COVID. 

PrognoCIS EMR Demo

If you are curious to see all of the software features from this solution, an option to consider is the PrognoCIS EMR demo. This will help you see what the software has to offer, and how it will likely work at your practice as you use it. You can also ask an expert your questions. A demo is a crucial method through which people can determine if PrognoCIS is an option. 

PrognoCIS EHR Pricing

When it comes to the PrognoCIS EMR pricing plan, it is crucial to keep the cost in mind. This will help as you evaluate your practice budget to see if this is a good option for you. The price range for this software starts at $250 a month per user. For more detailed quotes, depending on your number of users and more, you can reach out directly to the vendor. 

Should I Get PrognoCIS EMR?

Are you curious to see what PrognoCIS EMR has to offer? If you are thinking of getting the software we recommend reading more reviews to see all of the offerings in one place. 


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