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Features of Ball Screw Support Bearings

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Below we will discuss five key characteristics that make Ball Screw Carrier Bearings best suited to your machine tool applications.

Angular Contact Bearings

Most ball screw carrier bearings are angular contact bearings, which feature a large contact angle and are available in the following configurations for use in ball screw carrier applications:

• Duplex set. It contains two matches.

• Triplex set. It has three combined it.

• Quadruplex set. Has four combined it.

These bearings’ single or multi-row designs make them ideal for various mounting configurations.

High rigidity series

Stiffness refers to the stiffness of an object and its ability to resist shear and deformation caused by force. Our high-rigidity ball screw support offers superior rigidity, making them ideal for machines with high-thrust loads.

High-rigidity series bearings usually have a lubricating seal. Considering the performance requirements of a high-rigidity component, lubricants and bearing guards are essential to preserving bearing lubrication.

Large load capacity

One of the main advantages of using a ball they can tolerate high load capacities. Their ability to withstand high stresses for extended periods allows precision bearing to perform well for extended periods.

Their unique and custom design allows them to support axial loads in two directions.


To ensure clean and continuous operation, protecting and lubricating the component is a must. Lubrication helps protect the roller bearing from dust and dirt and actively helps reduce wear. An adequately lubricated bearing helps to increase the efficiency and operation of the machine. Proper lubrication protects the path from damaging friction that can derail machine operation.

There are two main subclasses of lubricants:

• Lubricant oils.

High speed

The speed of your application is determined by the material your bearings are made of.

Ball Screw Support Bearings

Ball screw carrier bearings are used in various machine tool applications for their ability to work accurately at high speeds and tolerate high load capacities over a long time. We offer specific bearing solutions to meet the diverse bearing needs of our customers.


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