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Family Road Trips: 5 Tips for a Smooth Journey

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Family Road Trips: As a parent, family road trips are both exciting and terrifying. Often a whirlwind of emotions, it’s normal to experience moments of peace followed by an hour of mood swings and frequent stops. That doesn’t mean you can’t plan for a smoother ride, however. While you can’t always stop your kid from acting out while on the road, there are ways to help reduce those on the road tantrums. Here are five tips for a smooth family road trip.

1. Choose the Right Automobile

The first step for a smooth journey is something you need to plan far in advance, and it is ensuring you choose the right automobile for the road trip. By providing enough space, comfortable seats, and plenty of room for all your bags, you are more likely to enjoy a relaxed journey. Don’t worry; you don’t have to buy an expensive, brand new van to make your road trip work, as nowadays you can look for buy and sell RV auctions online. When buying a used RV, remember to look out for floor damage, worn tires, and if there’s any exterior damage.

2. Bring Plenty of Snacks

Kids (and adults) often get grumpy when hungry, so avoid this completely by bringing along a range of snacks to enjoy on the road. A range is particularly important here, as you want to make sure you can satisfy any cravings your family might have without having to find somewhere to stop. Keep the snacks in a handbag in the front, too, so you don’t find yourself rummaging for those packets of chips or fruit bags. Don’t forget to bring plenty of liquids, too!

3. Establish Rules

Before you start the journey, you must establish rules with your kids, so they know how important it is to behave on the road. Some of those rules could include no shouting, no distracting the driver, and only asking to stop if they really need the toilet. Have consequences for breaking the rules, too, such as no treats the next time you stop.

4. Pack Plenty of Boredom Breakers 

The reason so many children act up while on a road trip is boredom, so pack plenty of boredom breakers to keep them occupied and stop them from distracting you. Road trips aren’t the time to worry about screen time – let them watch their Netflix movies and YouTube videos if it means they stay quiet for an extra hour or so.

5. Choose Exciting Destinations 

The destinations of your road trip should excite the entire family, so think carefully when planning your route. If you’re clever about it, you can come up with a journey with enough exciting stops that your kids never have to wait too long for a fun activity outside the car. If there’s a funfair a little out of the way, stretch your plans to allow for some time there. Your kids will thank you! Family road trips create memories that last forever, so make the memories even better by using these five tips for a smoother journey.


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