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How Do You Know If Your Refrigerator Compressor is Failing?

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When your refrigerator compressor starts to overheat or otherwise not doing its function, you might be wondering if you need replacement or fridge repair in Singapore. It’s a tough choice considering that the cost might be your concern. So, here’s how to determine if you have a bad refrigerator compressor and deal with potential issues before they get worse.

1. Unusual noises.

If you hear your refrigerator kicking on and off, there’s might be a problem with your compressor. Contact a refrigerator repair contractor as soon as possible to have it checked and avoid costly damages.

The compressor noise sounds like a faint humming, and it usually occurs when the compressor is overloaded. It can also be caused by the dirt accumulating inside the compressor – which can be cleaned and eliminated by a refrigerator repair specialist or technician.

2. Not cool enough.

A refrigerator is supposed to be cool. If it isn’t, something is certainly wrong with the compressor. When your refrigerator is warm instead of cool, the compressor may have stopped working and functioning. It has broken down without having the refrigerator and freezing compartment reach the desired temperatures.

When this happens, a refrigerator repair contractor can help and replace the motor inside of the compressor. But once found out that the motor is not the only problem, a compressor replacement is a more appropriate solution.

3. Wear and tear.

Refrigerator compressors can last for many years before showing visible signs of wear and tear. In case of rapid or sudden deterioration, there’s a high possibility that the compressor has worn out.

This is why regular maintenance is necessary to minimize the wear and tear on your compressor. Have it professionally serviced and cleaned to extend its lifespan and ensure that it will work efficiently for years to come.

Other signs of a bad refrigerator compressor are overheating, higher electricity bills, excessive frost, and the compressor fan is not running.

How to choose a refrigerator repair service provider?

If after noticing the signs of a bad refrigerator compressor, you decided to contact a repair service provider or contractor, be sure to consider the following:

Competency. The provider must have competent and experienced technicians who can perform fridge repair in Singapore, work on any brand/model, and handle various issues.

Communication. The provider should be openly communicating with you on how to address your concerns. You should select a contractor or provider who promotes seamless interaction with customers – not just providing services but also advising how to make the fridge last long to avoid further repair or damage.

Flexibility. Some refrigerator repair service providers offer a flexible arrangement if your budget is limited. Instead of using genuine parts, they may use alternative parts to suit your budget.

Reliability. Are the contractors/technicians available seven days a week? Can they service the fridge any time? If the answer is a resounding yes, that provider can be the right choice for you.

Transparency. Be sure to choose a provider that won’t charge any services that you are not liable for.


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