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Factors Consider When choosing Wall to Wall Carpet

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Some people opt for darker carpets for a minimalist look, while others opt for light carpets that can enhance the lighting in the room. There are also those who use the wall to wall carpet even if there is no furniture because it gives a fresh yet comfortable feel to the ambiance.

Factors Consider When choosing Wall to Wall Carpet

When people go to buy a new house or a rental property, they have to know some factors to consider when choosing a wall to wall carpet.

Size of the rooms for Wall to Wall Carpet

The size of the rooms and the wall where it will be installed also need to be factored in. This is because some wall-to-wall carpets in Dubai take up a lot of room and hence cannot be installed easily in small rooms. However, some dealers do make it big by offering multiple rooms with carpet so that one can have a bigger home without making too much of an investment. The area on which the wall-to-wall carpet will be installed has to be carefully measured and one should not go for small amounts so that it does not look odd in the room.

Color for Wall to Wall Carpet

Color is another factor that has to be considered when deciding on a wall to wall carpet. It is recommended that the color of the wall to wall carpet be the same as the walls of the room. If not, it will look odd and will not blend with the interior. Before choosing a color it is a good idea to experiment with different colors. One can paint rooms to see the kind of results one wants. It is also advisable to consult a designer who can advise on what looks good and meets the requirement.

Durability for Wall to Wall Carpet

Before deciding on the type of carpet one goes for it is important to see the durability of it. A carpet that easily tears and is not easy to clean will not serve the purpose. The room will only look clean but the fact is that it will tear and the dirt will get into the inner fibers and give birth to a dirty carpet.


There are many materials that one can opt for when choosing carpets. Some wall-to-wall carpets are made from natural fibers like wool. The advantage of using wool material is that one can very easily keep it clean without having to worry about it getting dirty. The material can also withstand cold and heat. It is recommended that one should avoid using synthetic carpets in the rooms where there is moisture because it can give birth to molds.

When one chooses the material that makes up the wall-to-wall carpets, maintenance is another factor that one has to think about. The carpet has to be vacuumed regularly and the vacuum cleaner should be checked and replaced on a regular basis. The seams should be cleaned every six months. The color of the wall-to-wall carpets has to be taken care of as well and the maintenance should be done every three to six months. In order to protect the wall from fading, it is advisable to use neutral colors like white and beige.


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