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How to Export Outlook Contacts to Yahoo Address Book? – Know-How

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Without a doubt, no user can afford to lose contacts in today’s digital world. This is the reason, at times users find it difficult to transfer the contacts from one application to another. 

One such situation is where the user wants to export Outlook Contacts to Yahoo Address Book. Of course, this is not easy to do unless you are tech-savvy and know all the nuances of the conversion process. 

This is why we are going to provide a certain and assured method to do so. In this blog, we will cover the manual and professional techniques to complete this task. 

About MS Outlook & Yahoo Mail

Both Yahoo Mail and Outlook are widely used to save contacts and provide accessibility of address book anywhere. 

Outlook uses PST and CSV file formats to save the address book. On the other hand, Yahoo Mail stores the address book in CSV format. CSV file holds comma-separated values. It saves contact files in tabular format with data in various columns. 

Now, let’s move to the next section where we will discuss why Yahoo is the better alternative for the Outlook application.

Why Export Outlook Contacts to Yahoo Address Book?

Why is Yahoo the first choice to export Outlook contacts? You might already know the answer. Outlook saves the contacts at the user device whereas Yahoo saves the same address book on the Cloud server that makes it feasible to access anywhere without depending on the device only. 

  • Yahoo offers 1 TB of storage space. So that users do not face trouble due to storage space. 
  • Outlook user depends on the device to access contacts whereas Yahoo has safer side as it stores contacts on the cloud server. 
  • And last but not least, Outlook is integrated with Office 365 that demands subscription and Yahoo is a free email service. 

Now we will move to the methodology segment. We will first introduce you to the easy and error-free method. Check the steps and perform them by downloading the demo version of the solution. 

Method 1: Export Contacts from Outlook to Yahoo Address Book using Professional Tool

Use Outlook to vCard converter tool. It has a highly advanced tool that is designed to import Outlook contacts to Yahoo mail. Here are some beneficial features to learn about. 

  1. Capable to export multiple Outlook contacts to Yahoo at once. 
  2. Auto-detection, scanning, and loading of Outlook contacts. 
  3. Able to convert corrupted & orphaned Outlook address book.
  4. Also, export password-protected contacts.
  5. Do not need Outlook application installation. 
  6. More than 9 file formats are supported. 

Exporting Outlook contacts into Yahoo Address book – Stepwise Guide

  1. Download and launch Outlook to vCard converter on the machine. 
  2. Click on Add contact files and folder that you want to convert in vCard. 
  3. Preview the Outlook contact files on the panel along with attributes. 
  4. Select the PST contacts you want to export to Yahoo. 
  5. Choose CSV format as your file type. 
  6. Provide destination location to save the converted files. 
  7. Click on the Export button to migrate data from Outlook PST format to CSV format. 

This is how you have successfully generated a healthy PST contact file. Now simply import them into Yahoo Mail. Here are the steps to import the address book. 

5. Open Yahoo mail service. Click on the Contacts icon there. 

6. Click on the More options icon and then click on Import. 

7. Select the platform as Outlook to import contacts from and click on Import right next to it. 

8. Enter your credentials and give Yahoo permission to import contacts. 

Method 2: Export Outlook Contacts to Yahoo Address Book Manually

There is also a direct method that you can to do the same. But you will face some limitations that come along with this process. Here are the steps to follow to convert Outlook contacts to Yahoo compatible format. 

Exporting contacts from MS Outlook:

  1. Launch Outlook >> click on File. 
  2. Click on Open&Export then choose the Import/Export tab. 
  3. Select the option saying “Export to a file” and click on the Next button. 
  4. Choose the Comma-separated Values and then click on the Next tab. 
  5. Select the contacts folder to export. 
  6. Navigate the location to save the file and finally click on the Finish button. 

Same as the previous step 5 to 8 need to be followed to import these CSV files to Yahoo Mail.

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We discussed Outlook and Yahoo’s benefits while accessing contacts. No doubt Yahoo cloud service is one step ahead of Outlook. This is why we brought methodology to export Outlook contacts to Yahoo Address Book. We demonstrate manual and professional methods in a step-by-step manner. Choose whichever method you find suitable to accomplish this task. 

The professional method is surely error-free and you can try the demo version to convert the file without an Outlook configured account. 


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