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ExpertBells Announced Trademark Registration for Businesses

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Now there is no need to visit the trademark register office and wait in a long queue for your trademark registration. ExpertBells, a leading online business services platform, announced Trademark registration for businesses. They provide advice and assistance to businesses and individuals nationally in trademark registration, ISO certification, copyright registration, and more. They make sure that their clients receive cost-effective advice on all aspects of intellectual rights. It will take a few months for your trademark to be registered.

What can be protected and registered as a trademark?

You can get protect or register as a trademark. A device, design, signature, brand, letter, word, shape of goods, numerical, books, color combination, and name can be registered under the trademarks act 1999. If it can be represented graphically and can distinguish the services and goods thereunder from those of others.

On asking why trademark registration in India is so important for businesses? The CEO and MD of the ExpertBells, Priyanka Chelani said, “Trademark Registration is very important for businesses because it showcases their unique identity, helps businesses build trust and loyalty among their clients. Also, it provides legal protection for your company’s brand identity and prevents unauthorized use of your brand’s identity.”

ExpertBells step by step procedure to register a trademark:

Step 1: Filling of the trademark registration application

Step 2: Examination of the trademark

Step 3: Publication or advertisement of the trademark

Step 4: Objections if raised

Step 5: Registration of the trademark and renewal of it after every 10 years.

ExpertBells conduct a deep search of the TM directory and prepare the Authorization letter, so that they can file for trademark registration in Delhi on your behalf. They have a professional team to guide you with the classes you need to apply used and file with the registrar. They will constantly provide their clients with updates until the online trademark registration process is complete.  They ensure that their clients get the best support throughout the trademark registration process, and all their queries will be answered.

Documents required for online trademark registration in India are Applicant’s name. Business type, registration address, brand, slogan or logo name, signed form 48, ID proof of the signatory, address proof of the signatory, and business proof.

About ExpertBells

ExpertBells is India’s leading online business services platform. The company provides a wide range of services, including trademark registration, company registration, copyright, etc at very affordable prices. If you have any doubts or need assistance regarding trademark search, trademark registration, and trademark objection filing, Expertbells team will be happy to help you.


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