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Expert tips to improve your public speaking skills

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Not everyone can speak well and confidently on a stage. Public speaking is an art and science at once that can be cultivated through a professional training. Public speaking is also the basic step in every motivational speaking training program you can take up. When you are on the road to becoming a speaker, you can benefit from these expert tips to hone your public speaking skills immensely.

It is normal to feel nervous
Most people dread the psychological reactions that they experience while having the face the audience from the stage. Pounding hearts and trembling limbs are very common symptoms experienced by people. These symptoms result from the feeling that you might perform poorly. Know that really some nerves are good. The rush in your adrenaline can in fact let you stay alert and give your best. Preparing and practicing well is the key to overcome nervousness.

Understand your audience
Remember that your speech is targeted to meeting the needs of your audience and it is not about you. Before drafting the message you wish to deliver through your speech, consider the nature and composition of your audience. This will help you make the right choice of words, deciding the level of information, the way of organizing your speech and the motivational statement that can give a good start.

Organization is very important
Organizing your material in an expert way is always advised to sustain eh interest of the audience throughout the presentation. Create the framework of your speech spending a good amount of time. The best organization can help immensely to deliver the message more effectively and create a great impact on your audience.

Be watchful of the audience’ feedback
Keep focusing on your audience. Gauge how they react to your speech. Adjust your message and the style of delivery according to their reactions. Stay flexible and do not be bent on delivering a pre-canned speech. If you lose attention of your audience and adjust your delivery accordingly, you cannot satisfy even the most devoted listeners.

Do not be afraid to be unique
While people have listened to a lot of speakers already, know that only originality and uniqueness can help create a better impact on people. If you allow your personality to shine through your speech, you have chances to establish your credibility. To be able to trust what you say, your audience must be able to see you as a real person.

Include humor and stories in your speech
Pick up some funny anecdotes, humor and some illustrative stories in your speech. Humor can help ease a tense mood and involve the people better. Stories contain an element of suspense and they can help sustain their engagement with the speaker and the topic.

Your gestures and hands are valuable tools
Be cautious not to reveal nervous gestures. Non-verbal communication is as important as the speech you deliver. Your voice modulation, confidence and hand movements can help enhance the quality of your delivery and involve the audience with your presentation very well.

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