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Exercise Bike benefits and tips for your workout

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Who has never entered the gym and never paid attention to the exercise bike, right? In doing so, you may be missing out on the opportunity to experience an intense and very challenging workout. After all, the benefits of cycling are numerous. “Depending on the load and speed, you can achieve different goals – from more conditioning to improving muscle endurance,” explains physical education professional Amanda Gomes Galindo, from Smart Fit.

Exercise bike x spinning bike

First, it is worth understanding: they are not the same. “While the spinning one simulates the pedaling outdoors, with ascents and descents, the ergometric is done seated”, says Amanda.

The stationary bikes can be of two types: with or without dorsal stop. The equipment with support for the lower back is more suitable for those who are recovering from injuries or have chronic problems and deviations in the spine. According to the expert, a fit individual can choose any of the bikes to practice, as long as he does not have any restrictions on the feet and ankles (such as plantar fasciitis, an inflammation in the tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes).

Benefits of the exercise bike

Below, we list the main benefits of the exercise bike so you can never leave it alone. Check out!

  1. Improvement of cardiorespiratory function

The bike is known, above all, for promoting an important cardiovascular stimulus. Consequently, with it you can lower blood pressure, improve heart health and prevent the body from problems such as thrombosis, heart attack and stroke.

  1. High caloric expenditure

“Workouts that require cardiorespiratory training generate high caloric costs. Depending on the intensity, they can lead to weight loss”, says the physical education professional. Try HGH Humatrope 24mg for better performance.

She exemplifies with the HIIT model (high intensity interval training) on ​​top of the bike. “For 10 minutes, you intercalate 1.5 minutes at maximum load and speed with 1.5 minutes of gentle pedaling.” This increases your heart rate to the maximum and speeds up your metabolism.

  1. Strengthened lower limbs

Quadriceps and anterior and posterior thigh muscles are the most benefited by the exercise bike. Over time (and very intense workouts!) They become more resilient and gain strength.

  1. Less impact on joints

One more of the benefits of the bicycle: the equipment promotes less impact on the joints when compared to practices such as running, football and volleyball. “This is because, in these modalities, there is a shock of the lower limbs against the ground. These shocks cause microtraumas that, over time, create bigger problems”, explains orthopedic doctor Samuel Lopes, specialist in sports trauma, from São Paulo. It is the case of stress or torsion fractures, injuries that happen less frequently on the bicycle.

  1. Security

Anyone who is a fan of road cycling or mountain biking knows: falls are almost certain in the training routine. Therefore, the indoor bike, whether ergometric or not, is valid for those who need to take extra care with their health, such as pregnant women and the elderly. “For them, a fall can mean serious consequences, such as termination of pregnancy,” says Samuel.

Adjustments with the bike

When pedaling and enjoying all the benefits of the bike, pay attention to the equipment’s adjustments: the seat needs to be at the level of your hips (so that your legs don’t fully extend during the movement); the distance between the seat and the handlebars should be the same from your elbow to the tip of your middle finger; and the handlebars must be higher than the seat.

Finally, don’t forget the posture. “The correct position eases back pain, the region that suffers most from cycling,” says the orthopedist. Keep the posture stretched, arms slightly flexed and shoulders low. When pedaling, remember not to move your hips – your legs do most of the work. Exercise can be intensified by increasing the pace and load of the device. And if you want more results, consult the gym instructor to set up a session tailored for you.


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