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Evolution of Hair Transplant

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There are various types of surgical and non-surgical ways used for the treatment of baldness. Modern technologies give very good tools for it. In this topic, direct hair transplantation is awarded by the modification of FUE.  There has been a great revolution with pioneers in that field. A natural hairline has been developed for better cosmetic results in hair transplantation.  This statement explains the options which are available during surgical and non-surgical concepts in baldness. In addition, the nest opens by sliced razor blade before hair follicle implanting. So, its evolution is summarized.

Evolution of Hair Transplant

2.     Evolution.

In 2014, about 207 people underwent surgeries of baldness.  People having moustaches and beard transplantation, multi-session transplantation and lady patients are not included in these people. The scalp harvested graft was not evaluated. Under Anesthesia, all types of procedures were performed. During that procedure, 1-2 mm haircut and a micromotor system was applied for hair follicle harvesting. Punches are present to the micromotor on this system having a range 1500-3000 rpm. These were chosen on the base of their diameter range 0.8-1.2 mm. Follicle harvesting was controlled under supine position.

Hair losing non-surgical therapy was used in the early era. Finasteride, Minoxidil, dutasteride, cyproterone and spironolactone are used for patients temporarily. Furthermore, laser therapy and low-level light are used for baldness patients but on the other hand, practitioners can select for home or office usage. Basically, the donor dominance concept of hair losing was firstly published in 1959 but it’s reason could not be identified. Then, the better reason was accepted i.e., these hairs have their permanent serve for transplantation in both male and female pattern hairs losing.

Transplantation has following steps:




  Graft harvesting


  Graft transplantation


FUT techniques are used on a large scale. During this procedure, the area of the donor is cleaned by shaving and elliptical excision is formed for harvesting. Its dimension is calculated by comparing the recipient’s area which is grafted. After that, the graft is added into the patient area. FUE is a follicular unit extraction technique having 1-2 roots. The first person who used it was Okuda that was used for self-made sharpened circular punches having different diameters i.e., 1mm, 2mm, 3mm and 4mm etc. Ominigraft was an introduction to standardized micrograft and mini graft transplantation that has three main parts i.e, hairtome, graft implanter and micromotor having blade range 0.8-1.25mm.

A third method of hair transplantation is used to gain transit time that can decrease the survival of grafting. To avoid this, the implantation process is performed as soon as possible. FUE automated instrument builds follicles harvesting on the base of suction by extraction technique. Micro refined micro follicular hair transplantation (MMHT) is the latest method which is used to construct anterior hairline by FUE. The advanced FUE version is just like old harvesting follicle technique but the process of implantation is advanced and is issued by Konstantinos.

3.     Conclusion.

From above all discussion, it is concluded that hair transplantation also has an evolutionary history and with the passage of time. Now-a-days, new and advanced technologies have been introduced for surgery.


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