Everything Your Out-of-State College Student Needs

Attending college stands out as an exciting time in the life of a young adult, but some of them may not know how to prepare for it. For example, if your child is the first one to attend college, he or she will need to how to prepare for college. Due to this, we wanted to point out five important points any out-of-state college student needs to consider before the semester.

Access to Transportation

When your college student lives out of state, he or she needs a way to move around the area. This includes going to the grocery store, getting to class, and traveling to other locations. With that in mind, your child should bring a car to college if possible.

However, if your child doesn’t have a way to use a car, you should figure out another form of transportation. Whether this involves taking the bus or getting rides from a friend, your child needs a way to travel. That way, he or she can go to important locations and have a way to safely get home after the semester ends.

A Place to Stay

While transportation matters, your child also needs a place to stay throughout the semester. Most students will find an apartment complex or student housing and pay for rent throughout the semester. This way, your child has a place to sleep, study and relax throughout his or her time in college.

For example, your child could look into student housing in Tempe if he or she goes to school there. Your child can find many housing options, so make sure to do the research ahead of time. That way, your child can pay for a place to stay and have it reserved when he or she goes to college.

Plenty of Luggage

College students need an easy way to transport their belongings, so make sure he or she gets some luggage. That way, your child can easily store clothing, belongings, and other important items for college. This will help your child keep his or her belongings condensed while having space to store and organize all important items.

As a general note, your child should have two pieces of luggage and a carry-on. This will allow your child to easily get on a plane without having to leave any of his or her belongings at college. In short, luggage will make things easier for your child while helping him or her keep the belongings organized.

A Way to Do Laundry

Laundry is something many people overlook, but it stands out as an important part of the week. Make sure your child has a way to take care of his or her laundry and clothing during college. This may seem strange, but some student housing may not have laundry machines in the apartments.

However, others may have laundry rooms at the apartment complex. Otherwise, your child will need a way to travel to a laundromat to clean his or her laundry whenever necessary. In short, your child should figure out how to do laundry ahead of time. Otherwise, he or she may end up with no clean clothes for the week.

Necessary Pieces of Technology

College students need to use lots of technology throughout school, so make sure your child has all the electronics needed. For example, if your child needs to do homework online, he or she will need a computer or laptop. Your child should also have access to a cellphone while in college.

Phones matter since your child needs a way to communicate with you and others. On top of that, your child can use the phone during emergencies, making them a necessity in today’s world. Make sure you look into other forms of technology and give your child everything he or she needs to succeed during this college semester.


Preparing for an out-of-state college can pose some difficulties, but your college student can prepare with these tips. They will help your student figure out what he or she needs to bring to college and avoid issues. Make sure you bring them up with your student, help him or her prepare and let your child enjoy some time at college.

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