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Everything You Should Know About Cashmere

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Cashmere is not another regular piece of yours, and this is delicate and expensive. They are the perfect epitome of luxury that shows your symbol. You might have it on your to-buy list, and we know how difficult it is to take your eyes off of them. Cashmere is popular for various reasons, including warm, soft, fine, and what not! This is pure love; you will heart it.

However, you do not necessarily need to buy a shawl, but cashmere comes in varus forms such as a scarf, stones, wraps, etc. There are a few differences between cashmere and pashmina, and the primary difference is fiber! So, if you are solely looking for a Cashmere Shawl For Men, you should keep the pashmina part aside, or else you will end up getting confused.

Cashmere is, of course, one of the most long-lasting fibers around you, and you can enjoy the warmth for too long. If you take care of this properly, you can even preserve it for your next generation, and they will love it too.

If you wish that your cashmere keep your cozy for years, you should follow the tips given below.

Let’s get started!

  • Wear and wash?

Well, the answer is a big NO. Whether it is Cashmere Blankets or anything else, you should not try this with any of your cashmere products. If you are wearing it during winter when you do not have to face any kind of spills, sweating, or stains, you can simply wear a cashmere more than once or twice. We recommend you wash your cashmere shawl or any piece after three wear, or until you feel the softness is no longer there. Instead, you can try a freshening spray if required.

  • Regular Shaving?

You may not know, but shaving your cashmere regularly will surely keep the piece fresh and new. Knits made from natural fibers can pill, especially from the areas where friction occurs, including underarms, thighs, etc. For cashmere, you will notice the pilling a tad bit frequently, and to avoid it, you should use a razor blade and lint tape or any other device to keep it fuzz-free! The brand new cashmere will face the pilling issue more than the old one, and that’s why you should keep an eye on it. Whenever you feel it’s pilling, you should shave it!

  • Notice what the label says?

If you think the label is always right, you are wrong! Since this is a delicate fiber, you will see many labels written ‘dry clean only.’ We all know cashmere comes from Himalayan goats, and eventually, the goat’s fur is more like human hair, and it will get fluffy with dry clean. Also, it will damage as well as break down the fiber over time. Do you want that?

If your piece has some unique metals, buttons, or embroidery, you may only follow the instructions written on the label, but we recommend you research a bit.

  • Be patient with your cashmere:

Lay flat, and be patient is the only rule that should be followed for a cashmere piece. You should remember that cashmere is in the most delicate condition when it is wet, and it requires the utmost care at this stage. You will see a wet cashmere will take a couple of days to dry, and you need to be patient throughout the whole period. You should place it on a dry towel and roll it up very carefully. Once the towel has absorbed maximum moisture, you can lay it flat and let it dry. Hence, you should take care of your cashmere shawl to enjoy it for a longer period.


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