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Everything You Need to Know About Writing a Memoir

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Unlike old times writing a memoir doesn’t require you to be a celebrity or successful. Writing a memoir can help you to experience the most personal and intimate moments of your life again.

Every human poses a story in himself that is worth sharing. An average human’s life experience can be as necessary as a businessman’s life experience, and the only thing required is to deliver it beautifully through sentences. Not everyone can express their feelings in words; that is where affordable ghostwriting services can be your help.

It has become a norm in this era to self-publish your stories. It can be for any reason, and the good part is that it is worth having experience.

Whether you are writing it yourself or hiring an expert to write for you, either way, you have to understand the art of writing a memoir. This blog will help you to understand a memoir fully.

What is a Memoir

A memoir is a stack of someone’s life experience incorporate into words. It could be written by a loved one, a ghostwriter, or by themselves. It holds all the precious moments and feelings of the author’s life. It is a nonfiction manuscript and closes to the true events of the subject’s life.

 Writing a straightforward story is not enough. You can have the best stories for readers, but they can be ruined if poorly written. Memoir writers are known as memoirists, they pick out one particular feature of the subject’s life, character, and the whole story revolves around it. Real stories create more excitement and entertainment than fiction ones, and real stories create a real effect on the reader’s life.

Memoir vs. Autobiography

Autobiography and memoirs have a very thin line separating them. You must understand the difference between both of them before deciding to write one.

Autobiography clench the whole life story of the subject, from his birth till death. In contrast, memoirs focus only on a specific event that changed the subject’s life.

Humans learn and evolve their entire life until they adopt a permanent way to spend their rest of the life. A life-changing experience mostly does this permanent damage, and that experience is what the author writes about in memoir.

The central theme of the memoir is the ultimate conclusion of the subject’s life moral.

Biography is a detailed story about a person’s life. It mostly is about any famous personality because no reader would like to read about a total stranger’s life without knowing them first. Yes, it can be possible that a reader will be impressed with your memoir and want to read more about you.

How to Write a Memoir

Before jumping on writing, tips let’s settle the ground rule for memoir writing. Here is a simple process.

Pick a Theme

We know that memoir focuses on a single life event of the subject’s life. It is time to pick an idea to be the whole memoir’s theme. Understand the character of your subject in his life. Is he a father, student, friend, or lover? What character is he playing in this specific event?

Sketch a Rough Outline 

Create a rough outline of your book by explaining the number of chapters and total book-length, the theme of every chapter, and a brief explanation of every chapter.

You have to create a flow between all the chapters for the reader to be excited though out.


Research is essential no matter what type of writing you are doing. In this particular type, you are required to read your subject’s entire life. Though you are only writing about one event, you must learn about his entire life to write the best piece.


Once you have your theme picked out and your research is done, the next step is writing. You can write it yourself or hire any affordable ghostwriting services. Set your goals, do your research, and start writing.


Your ending should be satisfying in the reader’s eye, and he should not feel that something is missing in the memoir. Before summing up the memoir, try to go through the memoir again to fit the plot.


After finishing your work, proofread your work and if you are writing for someone alive, ask them to read it, they will be your best audience.

5 Tips to Write a Memoir that People will Love 

Your memoir should not only be well written, but it should also be able to move your readers from the chair. Here are five tips to help you write a fantastic memoir.

Write like its Fiction

Though the memoir is a nonfiction manuscript for the reader, he is a stranger. Make your subject depicts a hero of the story who is capable of changing the reader’s life. A memoir should be able to hook the audience till the last page.

Be Truthful

Do not go too far from reality. A memoir is supposed to be a nonfiction story written as fiction. Hence, try to be as truthful as possible.


Your subject’s life doesn’t have to be perfect. In real life, human stories do not end on, “and they lived happily ever after” because there is always another story after this line. Try to portray your subject as a flawed person who has developed his personality after the events. Or maybe your subject is still a work in process.

Story Arc

Nonfiction stories can be tedious, and you can add extra spice in your stories with false events remembering the true events.

Ask the Right Question

To write someone else’s life story, you have to get inspired by your own life. Ask questions and do your therapy to understand someone else.

Final words

Memoirs can be helpful to inspire other people. You have to be sure you are writing a good one or hire an affordable ghostwriting service that will be good for your career and your pocket.


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