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Everything You Need To know About Western Red Cedar

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Log homes are not just a source of shelter, they provide the best environment possible for your family. Logs offer superior insulation and require little maintenance because their water resistance keeps them preserved through harsh winters or hot summers

Log home construction uses only high quality Western Red Cedar wood in order to create an aesthetically pleasing product while also providing all people need from cabin living space with extraordinary durability –

1. It outperforms the competition: Western Red Cedar is a long-lasting, high performing material that has the best thermal quality of any wood species. With an R value of 1.5 per inch and superior insulation properties in comparison to alternative building materials or other woods on average (R1), this strong yet flexible cedar will keep you warm no matter what season it may be outside!

You will love the Western Red Cedar for its durability and excellent thermal insulating properties. These qualities allow your home to stay cool in summer, or heat up less during cold months with Bayou City Lumber!

2. It’s incredibly durable : The Western Red Cedar is superior to all other coniferous woods in its resistance to warping and twisting. Cedar also has excellent thermal properties, making it a great choice for using on hot Southern homes with poor insulation – or those who want their home’s heat retained during winter months when energy costs are highest!

3. It lasts a lifetime: Western Red Cedar is the log of choice for those who want an immovable building material. Not only does it resist rot, but most other types of decay and insects as well!

Caves in the forest are where people go to find peace and quiet. Cedar groves have always been a place of power, which is why they became so important over time as well – think about all those times an old oak tree was chopped down only for its branches/brains(?) To stay alive or regain strength after some terrible event? People still gather there today; whether it’s for contemplation or celebration you may not know until afterwards!

4. It makes an impact: Western Red Cedar is a unique wood that’s found in the Pacific North West. Bayou City Lumber out of British Columbia use this material to create some really great log homes, with its reddish color and straight grain making it extra special for them! With an aromatic scent reminiscent of homecooked meals on your grandma’s stovetop (only way better), you can’t go wrong living off what she knows best — comfort food cooked over firewood sources only better tasting because they’re fresh cuts from her backyard tree or Forest Service cut behind closed doors where no one else gets their hands dirty but us privileged few who get invited into these magical places under different names such as forest service roads.

5. It grows close to home: The Bayou City Lumber is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. We hunt for our custom log homes in Canada among the native Western Red Cedar trees, which have low density so they’re easy to move around while also being sustainable due to their slow growth rate over time since there isn’t much demand for these materials right now outside of habitat restoration projects or buildings used exclusively as shelters from harsh weather conditions like high winds that can damage wood frame houses more easily than other types such steel framing might.

A common misconception about logging operations concerns who actually cuts down all those huge old-growth cedar giants? You guessed it! It turns out skilled forest workers known locally upto.

Western Red Cedar is the superior choice for building luxury log homes. It has a natural beauty that will never fade, it’s proven more eco-friendly than other woods on the market today and its luxurious texture makes you feel right at home in your new cabin or house as soon as you walk through the doors the first time!

Western Red Cedar is a great lumber for outdoor projects and has many benefits. Western Red Cedar, also known as Port Orford cedar, grows in the Pacific Northwest and has been used by Native Americans for centuries. It was discovered that it could be made into shingles because of its durability and resistance to water. 

The wood naturally resists rot so it’s perfect for decks, siding, fences, porches- even furniture! The best part about this type of Fire Resistant Lumber is that it gains character with age; weathered boards become grayish or reddish-brown with time and exposure to weather elements like rain and sun. This means that your home won’t look like everyone else’s!  If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly option when. Contact us now!


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