Everything you need to know about traffic impact assessments

Traffic assessment plays a crucial role in the construction and development industry. As security is the main concern, most of the reputed companies follow construction using the legal traffic rules and regulations. Comprehensive traffic impact assessments consultants Canberra plays an excellent role in development projects that would produce significantly increased traffic. The evaluation assists in determining whether the planned development project necessitates changes to current infrastructure or public transportation services. Without a comprehensive picture of the types of traffic flows, as well as their volume, timing, and position, there’s a risk that they’ll cause safety issues and unexpected congestion where the development meets the road.

What is traffic impact assessment?

The main goal of the TIA report is to help Council and the State Government decide whether the planned development can be approved with conditions or not. whether it has serious implications that merit the application being denied.

Apart from this, EIA is also a crucial part of the traffic assessment, are you aware of EIA? EIA refers to environmental impact assessment!

Basically, there are three main roles of EIA that is,

  • analyse, predict, and monitor the economic, environmental, and social effects of development activities due to construction.
  • provide information on environmental consequences regarding the construction project.
  • promote environmentally sound and sustainable development through the identification of environmental issues

What are the documents required for traffic assessment?

The TIA report, together with any supporting traffic modelling files required to adequately analyse the TIA, should be presented to the Council as part of the Development Application. The following documents are required for the submission: — Current transportation status

  • Development information
  • Methods for calculating traffic generation
  • A summary of traffic creation
  • Traffic distribution in the area, as well as assignment assumptions and traffic volume estimates
  • Risk assessment for traffic safety
  • Impacts of public transportation
  • Impacts of pedestrians and cyclists

Traffic volume, intersection layouts, signal phasing data, and details of any additional traffic infrastructure works performed to offset development impacts, among other things. A quick description of the development’s projected construction activities.

Other details and assumptions that the investor thinks are important to consider while assessing the consultant’s assessment techniques and results.

The study includes an assessment of the parking layout, internal circulation, and traffic control techniques that are necessary to handle current and predicted future traffic in the area.

To establish the number, movements, and classifications of highway vehicles at a specific site, traffic volume studies are done. These figures aid in identifying crucial flow periods and estimating the impact of heavy vehicles and pedestrians on vehicular traffic flow.


The TIA considers not only traffic impacts, such as road network efficiency and safety, but also the effects on other road users, including public transportation riders, pedestrians, and cyclists. Both operational and physical implications on transportation infrastructure are considered in the TIA.

Hope you found the above article useful to understand the traffic impact assessments Canberra concept and other environmental impacts, share your comments and doubts in the comment section below. 

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