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Everything You Need To Know About Resident Director

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Are you an enthusiastic entrepreneur planning to set up a business in Australia? Or are you a businessman seeking an opportunity to expand your business in Australia? Well, in either of the cases one thing that you would be familiar with is the “Resident Director.

Either you have a dedicated team in Australia to help you out with it or you can get the xero accountants Melbourne here to help you with it. Either way, it is required under the Australian Corporations Act 2001 (Section 201A) to have a resident director.

What Or Rather Who Is A Resident Director?

All the internationally based businesses (whose owner is not a resident of Australia) need to appoint an Australian Resident as a Director. This is in compulsion as stated in the Australian Corporations Act 2001 (Section 201A).

What Are The Qualification To Become Resident Director?

  • The person must be a resident of Australia; thereby they must hold Australian citizenship.
  • The person can also be a migrant but who has the permit to work and live in Australia.
  • The person must be at at least 18 years of age.
  • The person would require providing consent on paper of taking on the responsibilities of a company director. 
  • The person must require having a bachelor degree.

Why It Is A Compulsion To Have A Resident Director?

While a resident director in Australia is not obliged to be involved in the company’s day-to-day operations and management, they must ensure that the firm meets its statutory requirements, such as filing annual tax reports. This enables businesses to operate successfully while adhering to local rules and regulations, all while avoiding external intervention.

The argument for requiring a local director in today’s communication age is more than merely having an available point of contact. The government has more recourse if the corporation or its management do something wrong by having at least one person in a position of responsibility in the country. As a result, the resident directors must be experts who are well-versed in local corporate law.

Why It Is Beneficial To Get The Resident Director Service?

  • Cost-Effectiveness – Resident director services are less expensive than hiring a full-time or even part-time director for your company, especially when you factor in employment expenditures like superannuation, workers compensation, and payroll tax, if applicable.
  • Assured Complaisance – The most significant reason for using resident director services is for this reason. You can relax and focus on your core business, knowing that the resident director you’ve hired is up to date on residency regulations.
  • Confidentiality – You can protect your privacy by appointing a third-party resident director, especially if the business registers are open to the public. Your interests will remain confidential, whether you do not want your name on the register for personal reasons or for commercial ones, such as not wanting your competition to know you are establishing up in Australia.

For all the above benefits you must consider getting the help of Xero accountants Melbourne to keep your requirement of the resident director sorted.


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