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Everything You Need to Know About Pressure Washers

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Pressure washers are the best option for any kind of cleaning task. We all can agree that every once in a while, your house needs a thorough cleaning. Not many people know this but a pressure washer can take care of chipping or flaking paint as well as the mold and mildew growing on your walls. You can either hire a professional or do this job for you or you can simply rent or buy a pressure washer to do the job yourself. If you are planning matters into your own hands, there are few things you need to know before making the decision. 

Here is everything you need to know about pressure washers. 

Types of pressure washers

Basically, there are two types of pressure washers available, gas and electric. Gas pressure washers are considered to be more powerful. These are mostly used for industrial or professional cleaning. If you are a homeowner electric pressure washer is a more suitable option for you.

Electric pressure washers

It provides perfect cleaning with low PSI. Electric pressure washers offer 1300 to 1900 PSI, which is perfect for cleaning windows or cars. The best part about electric pressure washers is that they are compact and portable. Their small size makes them portable. Whenever you feel like cleaning anything, just pick it up and start cleaning. These are easy to store as well. The features like a flexible high-pressure hose, pro-style steel spray wand, and on-board detergent tanks make it more suitable for domestic use.

Gas pressure washers

Gas pressure washers are specifically designed for commercial or industrial usage. It offers a pressure of 3200 to 4200 psi. It is designed for doing heavy-duty jobs like paint stripping, graffiti removal, construction-site cleaning jobs, and fleet maintenance. These pressure washers are normally heavy. But the good thing about them is that you can carry them anywhere you want. It is not necessary to look for an electric socket, unlike electric pressure washers. 

Hot water or cold water; which is the better choice?

Both of them work fine. If you are looking forward to cleaning your cars or windows, a cold water pressure washer is suitable for you. Coldwater pressure washers are able to do almost any work. Hot water is suitable when you are dealing with greasy or oily situations. Hot water is able to get through these stains more easily. These pressure washers consume less detergent and provide better cleaning. But since these use hot water, the prices are comparatively higher than cold-water pressure washers. If you are looking for a pressure washer for residential use, it is recommended to go for a cold water pressure washer. The best way to know about any model is by checking pressure washer reviews. You will be able to get the most honest opinion about the product, which will definitely help you in making up your mind.


While buying a pressure washer, always check what kind of accessories come in the package. The right kind of accessories will really help you in getting a perfect clean. Most units come with multiple nozzles, which provide you with different levels of water pressure so that you can change the pressure and spray range according to the target you are dealing with. These nozzles are color-coded so that you can easily differentiate between them. Another amazing thing is that you do not need any additional tools for attaching or detaching them. 

Some models come with patio cleaners. If you like to clean your patios more often, this accessory will work like magic for you. Similarly, extension spray tips and wands are a necessity. Even if the pressure washer does not include accessories, you can buy them separately according to your requirement. If you are looking forward to cleaning gutters, angled wands are recommended. 


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