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Everything You Need To Know About Men’s Compression Stockings

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Jobst Compression Stockings? The term could have been familiar to you, especially if you normally experience swelling and inflammation around your legs. They are stretchable tights that come with applied compression and help promote better blood circulation around the calves and ankles. Certainly, they play a major role in reducing the unwanted pain and formation of any blood clots.

How Useful Are Compression Stockings? 

Usually, variants like men’s compression socks with 30-40 mmHg are using to relieve veins disease in the lower limbs. Additionally, they help overcome conditions like Edema, Varicose veins, venous insufficiency, Phlebitis, Lymphedema, Deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and Pregnancy swelling. 

How Safe Are Knee-High Compression Stockings? 

Without any doubt, medical experts also call them 100% safe to use as they don’t have any complications assigned to them. With this, you need to keep a few things in mind to avoid complications. 

  • It is always recommended to confirm with your dedicated doctor before trying them on as they are meant to be worn in certain health situations. Rest, normally, they should be avoid. Conditions favorable for wearing knee-high compression stockings for men 30-40 mmHg could be artery disease, veins inflammation, heart failure, and skin infections.


  • Whenever you are prescribes to wear compression socks, make sure they are not too tight or cause you any discomfort. They are normally available in a wide range of sizes, which gives you enough reason to locate the best size and compression level for yourself. If the size is too tight, it can discontinue the blood flow and oxygenation, causing Necrosis. 

Do Compression Stockings Work? Or Is It Just A Myth? 

Variants like Jobst thigh high compression stockings have been finding to work based on clinical evidence, especially with veins disease in the legs. Their benefits include: 

  • Reducing pain
  • Improving blood flow 
  • Prevent blood pooling
  • Enhance lymphatic drainage
  • Prevent blood clots 
  • Reduce swelling 
  • Reduce varicose veins formation 
  • Prevent ulcers 

How To Use Compression Stockings In General?

Compression socks should not be used without any medical expert’s confirmation. With their availability in different sizes and lengths, you need to choose the right compression level and fit for your health. Only a nurse practitioner or a certified doctor can help you assess the right size for the stockings. 

Typically, a patient is always recommended to wear them throughout the day and take them off during bedtime. Now, this also may vary according to different conditions; therefore, it is suggested to take a medical expert’s advice in the first place. Sometimes, the doctor may advise you to wear them for a single leg, or at times, it could be for both legs as well. 

To maintain proper hygiene, the socks should be washed regularly. Wash them by hand to preserve their elasticity for a longer period. If you find your compression stockings getting loose enough, consider it a time for the replacement. After all, if they won’t have the adequate compression level that is required, they won’t be effective at all.


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