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Everything You Need To Know About HSS Milling Cutter

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DIC Tools is HSS Milling Cutter Manufacturer based in India. We offer a wide range of concave milling cutter that is in huge demand in various industries for its efficiency and excellent performance. These are suitable for copper and aluminum. Made from high-quality raw material it ensures world-class quality.

Different Types of HSS Milling Cutter:

Concave Milling Cutter: DIC Tools is a Concave Milling Cutter Manufacturer Based in India, which produces male half circles. Used for many purposes including beading, decorative work, and finishing on sheet metal. These cutters have teeth profile curves in words on their circumference. Also used to generate convex semicircular surfaces. Made as per DIN 856 and BS122 standards that allow milling of convex forms on different components. The Cutters come in bore type that facilitates the production of convex forms on dissimilar components. We have used M2, M35, M42, ASP 2030 & ASP 2052 material in the Concave Milling Cutter.

Plain Milling Cutter: Plain Milling Cutters” also known as Surface Milling or Slab Milling. The cutter is cylindrical in shape having teeth on it. Commonly used to produce flat surfaces parallel to the axis of rotation. Our Plain Milling Cutter is suitable for any project that requires some finishing cuts or light milling work. DIC TOOLS also provides cutting tools of every type manufactured with high-quality material in a wide range of sizes and materials grades. This is available 2½” 4” in diameter. Blade Shape: Straight and Helical and Number of Teeth: 14 to 18.

Unequal Angle Cutter: We are an Unequal Angle Cutter Manufacturer Based in India. These cutters with teeth on the conical surfaces and with unequal angles between the conical sides and the intersection of two cones. Made as per AISI, IS, JIS, DIN, ISO, BS Standards. The Cutter is available in diameter is 50 to 100 mm. We can also supply all types of PVD Coating.

Specialized in making as per customer requirement and drawing

Side and Face Milling Cutter: Made in various diameters depending on the usage. Different from plain milling cutters because their peripherals are cut off at one side on both sides. Cutting teeth are convertible cemented carbide inserts. Which prolongs the tool life while sustaining good cutting efficiency. Used in cut a groove or slot and also cut the side walls in the workpiece at the same time. Our all tools are also available as per customer requirements. Material: M2, M35, M42.

Dovetail Milling Cutter: DIC TOOLS is a Dovetail Milling Cutter Manufacturer based in India, designed for cutting dovetail angled grooves into a workpiece. Used to produce sideways in machine tools jigs and fixtures, and also used in woodworking but also in metalworking as a way of creating a joint which is strong. Our Dovetail Milling Cutter is suitable for use in a wide range of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Materials. This cutter is Overall Length: 60mm to 100mm. All types of material and sizes ranges are provided by us as per customer requirements.

Cylindrical Milling Cutter: Best suited for areas requiring a high rate of stock removal. Best suited for areas requiring a high rate of stock removal. Cutters’ teeth are on the peripheral and produce flat surfaces, which are Similar to the rotation axis. Made from high-quality material, and it ensures world-class quality and best excellent performance. Cutters are exported to various countries worldwide. The Cutter is available in diameter is 50 to 160 mm, and No. of Teeth 6-12, (Fine): 12 – 18.

Providing Best Quality Commercial Accessories and Tools

Equal Angle Cutter: Equal angle Cutter, with teeth on conical surfaces, with equal angles between the conical faces and in the middle of the two cones. Used to mill “V” Grooves, and also used for cutting various kinds of metals. Equal angle cutter is much-admired by DIC clients for its optimum finish and extremely. These Cutter Angle in Degree: 30°, 45°, 60°, & 90°. We also supplied all types of PVD Coating. Single Angle Cutter: DIC TOOLS is a Single Angle Cutter Manufacture, having teeth on the conical or angular face of the cutter and also on the large flat side. Used commonly used for cutting dovetails, serrations, and angular slots. The series comes in HSS and HSS-Co variants. Made from high-quality raw material it ensures world-class quality and best performance.

Staggered Tooth Side Milling Cutter: Used for milling deep slots or cuts. The design prevents the chip from interfering with the cutting actions, brings them out as they were removed. The tooth is heavily strengthened at this point. Where it first makes contact with the work to absorb the shock of contact and prevent the likelihood of tooth breakage. This is available in materials M2, M35, ASP 2030, ASP 2062 & ASP 2052. This HSS Milling Cutter is suitable for use on both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Form Milling Cutter:  Used for cutting Racks and Serrations. Produced in single and multiple rows with straight and Spiral Flutes. Made of common types include convex, concave, and corner rounding milling cutters, and HSS Material. Have a shape that corresponds to the profile of the surface to be produced. DIC has a solution for everything whether standard or non-standard. All types of material and size ranges are provided by DIC based on the customer’s requirement.

Longer Functional Tool Life (HSS Milling Cutter)

HSS T-Slot Cutters: T-Slot Cutter, have a positive radial and axial rake with an upright tooth design or side cutting. These Cutters contain a T-Slot milling head and a cylindrical steel shank. Widely used for milling steel, aluminum, copper, and iron, and the Overall Length of these T-Slot Cutters is 70 – 139mm. Surface Treatment: Bright.

Chain Sprocket Milling Cutters: Chain Sprocket Milling Cutters are suitable for milling sprockets. These have extremely sharp teeth for accurate and quick cutting of tough materials. Made from high-quality raw material it ensures world-class quality and best performance. Sizes and diameters are also available as per customer requirements. Standard: AISI IS, JIS, DIN, ISO, BS standard, and Roller Diameters is 0.13 to 1.9.

Woodruff Key Slot Milling Cutters: We are a Woodruff Key Slot Milling Cutters Manufacturer based in India, used to cut the keyway for a woodruff key. HSS 5% Cobalt is suitable for general cutting on all materials. Woodruff Key Slot Milling Cutter is slightly hollow-ground on the sides for relief and the teeth are not side cutting. The overall Length of these Cutters is 50 to 71mm. Supplied with all types of PVD coating.


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