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Everything you need to know about formal wedding photography

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Formal wedding photography is one of the must-have photography sessions at the wedding. People usually don’t enjoy long formal photography sessions, as they have to miss the fun party hour. It is even challenging when the couples are holding an outdoor wedding and reception. So, in such cases, couples can hire outdoor family photographers near them who also do professional wedding photography in St Marys, GA.

It gives the couples a double advantage because they don’t have to worry about the location and line-ups. The formal session is around 30-40 minutes long, and the photographer needs to capture all the people mentioned in the guest list. Here are some of the tips to conduct a successful formal wedding photography session-

Get the shot list and understand the relationships.

Couples often share the shot list or the relationship list with the photographer a few weeks before the wedding. The list proves to be of great help to the photographer. They can understand the family ties, and based on them, they can create their frame combination ideas and share them with the couples. In case the couple’s parents are divorced, the photographers need to understand the relationship status of the parents and step-parents.

Photographers can have a meeting with the couples and decide the formal photography set-up and different frames. They can choose the shot list and brainstorm on the different formal poses.

Convey the formal photoshoot schedule before the ceremony

Many couples don’t wish to take the formal wedding photography session to the reception venue, so they take the photographs at the ceremony. If your wedding ceremony is at the church, photographers will hardly get 30 to 40 minutes to click the photos. Some couples also ask the photographer to conduct the formal photoshoot at the reception. The couples need to share the complete wedding schedule with the photographer and the guests to have a clear idea of where they need to present during the formal photo session.

Get someone at your side for assistance.

Organizing everyone for the photoshoot while working under a tight schedule can be tiresome. Photographers will have a hard time getting people near the photoshoot location while clicking the formal photographs. It is better to ask assistance from the maid of honor, best man, or siblings of the couples to get everyone in the frame when required.

Assistant photographers also help.

Many photographers also bring assistant photographers to reduce the burden. In outdoor weddings, guests scamper around in the venue, enjoying themselves. So, an assistant photographer will guarantee that you don’t miss a single moment at the wedding. Photographers can divide the work so the formal and casual photoshoots can be conducted simultaneously.


Formal wedding photography is an integral part of the wedding. Formal photographs are essential because these photographs are often set in the living room or the office. The whole family is included in the formal wedding photography. Couples need to send the list of people included in the formal wedding photos to the Professional wedding photographer in St Marys, GA, to avoid any last-minute blunders.


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