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Everything You Need to Know About Child-Resistant Packaging

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Summary: According to Safe Kids Worldwide, most of the poisoning cases in children are due to unintentional medication ingestion. This facilitated the need to introduce compliant CR packaging to ensure child safety. 

Good packaging speaks for itself. Not only does it offer product protection, but it also helps to grab the attention of your potential customers, thus boosting sales and brand awareness. One of the essential components of high-quality cannabis packaging is compliance. This is where child-resistant packaging comes into factor. 

What is Child-Resistant Packaging?

Owing to the growing number of child deaths due to the ingestion of hazardous materials, Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA) introduced child-resistant packaging, also referred to as special packaging. According to the PPPA, “special packaging” means packaging designed or constructed to be difficult for children under five years of age to open or obtain any toxic and harmful amount of the substance contained therein, which is not difficult for an adult.

Why do we need Child-resistant Packaging?

The sole aim of CR packaging is the safety of children. According to Safe Kids Worldwide, most of the poisoning cases in children are due to accidental ingestion of medication. Children, especially 4-5 years old, are extremely curious about their surroundings and willing to open anything available. As per the data collected by the World Health Organization – in 1968, 151 out of 100000 children died due to accidental poisoning. However, after introducing child-resistant packaging, the number significantly dropped to 23 out of 100000 children in 2000. 

How to determine if the packaging is child-resistant? 

The cannabis packaging must comply with one of the following four standards:

  1. BS EN ISO 8317:2004 an International Standard that covers reclosable packaging.
  2. The BS EN 14375:2003 a European Standard that covers non-reclosable medical packaging.
  3. BS EN 862:2005 a European Standard that covers non-reclosable non-medical packaging.
  4. 16 CFR 1700.20, an American Regulation covers both reclosable and non-reclosable packaging for medical and non-medical packaging. 

How to choose the best child-resistant packaging?

Good cannabis packaging should be compliant and eye-catching while keeping the products safe, clean, and contamination-free. Here are the top five things to consider while choosing high-quality CR packaging:

  1. Material:

The packaging material is the first factor to consider when selecting CR packaging. The available options are glass bottles, plastic tubes, metal containers, food-grade polypropylene, and more.

     2. Cost-effective:

While the packaging should stand out, it should also be affordable. Watch out for hidden fees and tariff surcharges so that all your packaging needs are fulfilled within your budget. 

    3. Product Packaging:

It should be small enough to be discreet but large enough to contain enough product. Most importantly, it should not include designs like bright colors or cartoon characters that are appealing to the children

   4. Child-resistant Closure: 

Child-resistant closures can be either one-piece or two-piece designs. They require two motions to open the packaging, making it difficult for the child to remove the cover. The two most common motions are “Push Down & Turn” and “Squeeze Lock Closures.” 

  5. Environmental Harmony:

Lastly, CR packaging should be sustainable and eco-friendly that aims to minimize the impact on our environment. It should be either compostable or reusable.  

If you are looking for the best child-resistant cannabis packaging online, try CREATIVE Packaging. With 50+ combined years of experience among the leadership team, the company is well versed in packaging and labeling regulations for the cannabis industry. They offer safe, child-resistant, effective, sustainable, and consumer-friendly packaging products designed specifically for the cannabis industry. They are 16 CFR 1700.20 Child Resistant Certified and compliant with US and Canadian federal and local laws.

People also ask

Q. Is child-resistant packaging child-proof?

A. Child-resistant packaging does not mean child-proof. They are only designed to slow them down and not keep them out completely. 

Q.How does child-safe packaging work?

A. The child-resistant locking mechanism of CR packaging is designed so that it is difficult for a child under the age of five to open within a reasonable time but is easy for an adult to use correctly. 

Q.Are CR packaging safe?

A. CR packaging helps to reduce the risk of children consuming hazardous materials. They are designed so that it is difficult for a child under the age of five years to open within a reasonable time.

Review: “Creative is a cannabis packaging company leading in compliance, sustainability, user-friendliness, and child-resistant packaging. Creative is not only a team of consultants but are experts in regulatory compliance.”


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