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Everything you need to know about App Development

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Every day thousands of mobile app development are being deployed and published on the Google Play Store and Apple app store. Some of these mobile apps are games, other social media platforms, and e-commerce applications. All of these applications are, if professionally developed, should follow the same mobile app development process.

 I can understand that every app is different from others, and methodologies are constantly evolving, but some mobile app development standards are the same from the beginning. Every mobile app development process includes the following aspects:


Everything starts our life from the idea that mobile apps are no different. All people may have an idea about enterprise mobile application development. You don’t think or force the cell to solve problem-solving. But you should ask your brain, but do you want a mobile application? If you can identify your requirement, you are Halfway done with your application.

The next step is to find out why the problem that comes to your mind exists. Why does anyone else not think about developing an app to solve this problem previously? Talk to a different person about your problem, immerse yourself in the problem space as much as you can once you believe and take over the situation. Now it’s time to evaluate how a mobile app can solve the problem.

After understanding what your mobile app will do for you, the next step is to ask you some questions. Is it possible? Obviously, the answer is yes. There is no problem in this world that is not possible to be solved. Now you are about to invest your valuable resources and time into the mobile application, so it is the right time to turn your imagination into a real-world application.

Competition in App Development

Once you are done with the idea, the next thing is to plan your application success. The best way to measure applications is by identifying your competitors. In Other words, see if any other App is serving a similar purpose. If the answer is yes, check the below mention factors:

  •  Number of the installations( check out if anyone in your circle using the app)
  •  Review and Rating( see what people are talking about the application. What they like or dislike about)
  • Enterprise history (see this mobile application have changed over time and what challenges they face. try to see what they do for their company growth)

 There are two basic rules of the mobile application development process. Firstly learn as much as you can because making mistakes is costly, frustrating, and time-consuming. You have to try different approaches before getting it, right man. So why don’t you learn from your competitors? The second thing is to find out how it will be to compete in the market? What mistake has your competitor made? Which item is missing your competitor’s app? Find out the loop in the existing app and tailor your solution to fit inside. If your idea is out of the box, find another first Market app and study how they educated users about the new product.

Monetization Process

Do you know that you can also make money with your mobile application after enjoying the application for your own purpose? Different monetization methods could work for you, such as the monthly or yearly subscription, in-app purchasing, paid version, and selling user data. Find out which method is best for your app you can search in the market, which pays better, and how people can pay for your services.


Marketing is one of the biggest challenges for mobile development. If you have a good and reliable app development and designing team, your half of the world is already done. You can even be hiring an ASO expert who will optimize your application according to the Google or Apple policy. But before hiring an android development company, you need to understand your marketing approach and budget. There are a few scenarios. For example, the business-to-business or internal use application does not require marketing.

Road Map

The last step of yours is defining the roadmap of your application. The purpose of this step is to find out what you’re to apply to in the future and what it requires to be successful. The day one version of an application is MVP (minimum viable product). During this process, it is beneficial to write on a whiteboard the things you want your application to do rather than make them your priority. Find out what core functionality you want in your app? How to gain users? What can be further added to the application? If you think that some feature people will be required in the future, consider them included in the update.

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