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Everything to Know About Underpinning Bristol; Do You Need It?

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There are various construction and renovation terms and concepts that are unknown to normal individuals. But if you are planning to get your home constructed or maybe a building; you will come across various terms that you wouldn’t have heard of before. And Underpinning Bristol is one of them.

Underpinning is not necessarily required by all construction projects.. But if you’re underpinning Bristol contractor states that your building’s structure is not as strong as it used to be or is wearing out, then underpinning comes into consideration. Do you even require it? Well, these queries are only answered when you have sufficient knowledge about it. Therefore, we have put together a small guide for you, which briefs everything you need to know about underpinning.

What is Underpinning?

Underpinning is the augmentation of an existing foundation of a building or a home. It is normal for a property to start showing cracks after a few years, especially if it is not well-maintained. But whatsoever the reason might be,, if your building or home has started showing visible cracks  then it  is in need of underpinning. You can contact professional underpinning Bristol contractors to have a detailed look at your building and determine whether it is required or it can be solved in some other manner.

Underpinning is the only procedure through which this issue is resolved; it is done through installation of footings underneath the existing foundation of your property. These footings play a huge role in offering extra strength to the building that might be elsewise, getting weaker or falling apart.

When is it necessary to get Underpinning Bristol?

As mentioned above, underpinning is not necessarily needed by every building. But there are some certain situations, where it becomes mandatory. A good underpinning Bristol contractor will be able to help you in determining whether it is required or not. It isn’t possible for us to analyze the soil and foundation condition on our own.

But having a little knowledge, up your sleeves, is always great. It helps you keep a close eye at the team that is at work. There are two major reasons why underpinning might get a necessity for you:

  • Firstly, underpinning Bristol is needed when there are alterations in the soil that is supporting your building. Soil does change overtime, due to a lot of reasons. If it contracts a lot of moisture, it will start to lose its strength. Likewise, if you are showing negligence towards your albumin dilemmas, they will gradually start affecting the soil too. Thus, it is important to keep an eye on any plumbing needs that might be appearing in your home or building and address them right away.
  • Secondly, if your building’s piling procedure was not carried out properly in the beginning, then you will be needing underpinning sooner or later. Improper or unprofessional piling will weaken the foundation over time and the base will lose its strength. The foundation will start losing itself faster than you would have expected. This clearly portrays lack of proper piling. But the only solution to it is underpinning.

There are few other reasons which result in need of underpinning.

  • If your property experienced a major renovation, it might have resulted in changes of the original structure.
  • Major construction projects that happened close by, can affect the soil and weaken it too.
  • Underpinning is the only solution to strengthen an already existing foundation of any property and has to be carried out impeccably well to ensure safety.

Is underpinning a permanent solution?

This highly depends on the services that you opt for and on the soil condition, on which your property is standing. Southern Piling Foundations is a good service to opt for, if you are looking for professional and trustworthy underpinning Bristol services. The best services or companies are those who analyze your property and guide you accordingly about which type of underpinning would be best for you and how effective it will be for your property as well. Underpinning is not always a permanent solution. Thus, make sure that you inquire the contractors about it deeply.


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