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Everyone better know about Dubai city

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Almost every person will be aware of Dubai, which has changed from a desert area in a short time to become the world’s best city. Today we will talk about the incredible projects of Dubai. Dubai provides you every kind of help in the world there you can find your custom vehicles too easily Car Rental Dubai.

Different parks for fun in Dubai

In today’s life parks are very important for society. With the help of parks, we can refresh our minds set to gather with our friends. The very important thing for our body is fitness so we can exercise inside parks because of which we feel healthy. Wildlife is also an important part of our life so we can see different wildlife animals and birds inside the parks. Actually, the park is a place for children to play and enjoy. In today’s world, every society in the world has made a park according to its capacity and economy.

There are big parks in the big cities of the world that attracts fans from different countries of the world along with their people. In such cities, you will find the name of Dubai on top. Dubai city has contained wildlife parks or zoos. Also one of the best parks is Quranic Park. Let’s mention some names here.

IMG worlds of adventure park

Dubai has built the biggest parks in the world one of which is the IMG world of adventure. The 15 lakh square foot area park first opened in August. This park is huge and spacious inside the park are 25 shops and 28 restaurants

This park has four different zones.

  1. Marvel zone is the zone where you will find all the marvel characters like spider-man, hulk, iron man, captain American, etc. In this zone, there is a 3d simulation where you can enjoy with your favorite character and you will feel like it happens in front of you.
  2. The lost valley is also an interesting zone of this park. There are dangerous rides in this zone and this zone also contains a roller coaster. So if you are interested in rides must visit these places.
  3. Cartoon network zone. This is the most enjoyable zone, especially for children.
  4. Boulevard zone. There is great management of food and shopping in this zone.

When you visit Dubai don’t miss this advanced park and just go through Car Rental Dubai.

Quranic Park:

Quran is the holy book of Muslims since the United Arab Emirates is an Islamic country. Therefore a Quranic park is made in Dubai. This is a great park in the Al Khawaneej area. The biggest feature is the park that is recited to the Quran all the time.

Whatever things have been mentioned in the Quran, they have tried to show it in practice. Muslims as well as non-Muslims both are allowed to visit this beautiful park. There is also a beautiful lake in this park in the middle of which a path is made. This lake also identifies an interesting story about the prophet Musa (A.S).

Mushrif Park:

This park is one of the oldest parks in Dubai city. The view of this park is just like a natural forest and that’s amazing. This gorgeous family park in Dubai houses a well-maintained botanical garden. Also here is the facility of electronic games, children’s plays areas, swimming pools, camel and horse riding, bicycle path, restaurant, and cafeteria, etc.

Gather your friends and family, pack a nice picnic feast, and head out to Mushrif park to enjoy a day outdoors. If you don’t have your own car that’s not a big problem because Car Rental Dubai is an available option with you.


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