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Every thing about famous celebrities and theri merchandise

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Hi! i have brought for you the most watched celebrity on YouTube who are very famous among people. Fans love their work and as well as their merchandise

1)  Unspeakable Merch

Who is Unspeakable? And what is his real name?

                                                 Nathan, also known online as Unspeakable Gaming is an American gaming YouTuber who uploads Minecraft videos of him displaying maps, playing with friends, and participating in a variety of challenges and games such as Do Not Laugh challenges, Hide N’ Seeks, and more.He is also famous for Unspeakable Merch.


            He is currently a member of The Squad alongside his friends Moose Craft and Shark, but he and Moose Craft were formerly members of “Proper Productions,” a collective of three channels: Proper Idiots, Proper Dummies, and Proper Life. He also owns Play.Chasecraft.GG, a Minecraft server that was created after The Squad’s server, Play. Legacy MC. Org, was removed.

                MooseCraft, Favre My Sabre, Shark, Cyclone Plays, ASWDFZXCVBHGTYYN, Preston, Log dot zip, and SGC Barbarian have all appeared on his page, and he also collaborates with YouTuber and Minecraft Map Maker Euclides by reviewing maps he has created for him.

He’s also set up a Google forum where his fans can post Maps they’ve created for him.

        He has a game named Chase Craft available on the App Store and Google Play Store right now.


He was in a relationship with fellow YouTuber Kayco, but they broke up in 2019.

When Unspeakable Joined YouTube?

Since November 2012, he has been uploading Minecraft videos to YouTube.

More than 1.5 million people watched his video “TOP 20 MINECRAFT MODS!” from July 2014.

Unspeakable and his amazing team members

Jordan Antle, another YouTuber, has worked with him on projects.

2)  Joji Merch

Everything about Joji, which you want to know?

                            George Miller, best known by his stage name Joji, is a Japanese entertainer, singer, songwriter, rapper, record producer, and former YouTube personality who was born on September 18, 1992.Miller’s career as an entertainer began with his now-defunct YouTube channel, TV Filthy Frank, which included rap songs, rants, intense competitions, ukulele performances, and a surreal show in which Miller played the majority of the main characters, including Filthy Frank himself.George Miller is also famous for his merchandise ” Joji Merch“.


The channel started gaining popularity after his 2012 conceptualization of Filthy Frank, a character who was described as the anti-vlogger of YouTube by Miller. Miller has released comedy hip hop music under the name Pink Man, with two full-length albums and an extended play to his credit. Miller left the channel in late 2017 to concentrate on his music career as Joji, releasing the EP In Tongues, which reached number 58 on the Billboard 200, and his debut studio album Ballads 1, which debuted at number one on Billboard’s top R&B and hip-hop chart in November 2018.

Where does Joji live?

Miller currently lives in Brooklyn, New York City. Miller often flies to Los Angeles for work and has a residence there.

Why Joji Left YouTube?

Miller has a condition that regularly causes him to undergo stress-induced seizures. This is one of the reasons that led him to quit his YouTube career.

3)      Markiplier Merch

Who was Markiplier ?

                         Mark Edward Fischbach, better known online as Markiplier, is a YouTube playthrough video creator and gamer from the United States.With over 14 billion lifetime views on his YouTube gaming channel, Mark has become a well-known YouTube gaming celebrity.

Mark’s channel is primarily dedicated to gaming playthroughs and commentary videos, with a focus on survival horror games.Mark also hosts a number of charitable livestreams, raising more than $3 million for charitable causes.He is well famous for Markiplier Merch.

Fellow Tam

He co-founded the clothing company Cloak with fellow YouTube star Jacksepticeye.


Fischbach moved to California in 2014, wanting the YouTube scene closer.

His channel, which has over 9 billion cumulative video views and 22 million subscribers as of August 2018, is the 36th most-subscribed on YouTube.

Fischbach also appears in Let’s Play videos of survival horror video games.

Fischbach’s first comedy tour, dubbed the “You’re Welcome Tour,” opened in 2017 and spanned North America, Europe, and Australia.

Fischbach has made many fundraisers and charitable streams with other YouTubers. In 2017, Forbes announced that Fischbach and his supporters helped in previous fundraising streams to raise some $3 million for charity. He raised $1.506,793.81 in charitable organisations in April 2018.

4)  Blackbear

 Blackbear the Most underrated singer

                     The American singer, guitarist, songwriter and disc producer Matthew Tyler Musto, born on 27 November 1990, is professionally referred to as Blackbear (stylized as blackbear). Five studio albums, six EPs, a mixtape and two collaboration albums were released. Musto is also a member of Mansionz and the American singer and rapper Mike Posner, an alternative hip hop/R&B duo. His singing make him so famous that he had his Blackbear Merch.


                              The raper and musician grew up on the stage in accordance with his profession, but he may be more a heavy metal fan than he can afford. Blackbear, or Mat Musto started Polaroid before rising as the leader of Florida based Polaroid Pop universe by writing and creating tracks to make a name for themselves from Justin Bieber to G-Eazy Like blackbear.

His first step in pop-punk is no surprise because Musto rocked Rancid tees and fourth-grade pants.

The rapping babysitter widened his horizons to bands like the New Found Glory and the Alkaline Trio, a self-described blink-182 fanatic.

Blackbear released “the hot girl bummer” in the summer.

Travis Barker gathered for a singing together for the following months, “BACK2YOU,” with nothing and no one and blink-182 Drummer, for their BLOODLUST EP.

Machine Gun Kelly’s upcoming pop-punk album will feature another collaboration between Blackbear and Barker.Like Marshmello, YUXBLUD and Bear are no strangers to collaborating.

The Blackbear appears with PVRIS on their North American tour in the second half of HalseVs.

As a result, blackbear is no stranger to good old-fashioned rock and roll. We’re sure he’s been a Slipknot fan for a while, but with the recent success of their ‘We Are Not Your Kind’ album, we expect even more Slipknot tattoos.

All these celebrities are very famous about there work and as well as their merchandise. you will get their original merch from online stores.


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