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Evaluating ERP Provider? Here is the answer

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Companies need to innovate in their processes to optimize them, to be more efficient and assertive. Technology is an essential tool to take the first step, and automation through ERP is the most profitable solution for companies.

NetSuite has proven to be the world’s # 1 ERP platform with its integration, flexibility, responsiveness, and scalability capabilities, which has fueled its rapid growth worldwide.

There are hundreds of ERP solution providers, however, being a NetSuite Partner does not guarantee a successful implementation. That is why we share the main points to evaluate so that you can make the best decision when evaluating and implementing a solution with a Partner:


Experience in your industry or business model: We suggest you research their portfolio and make sure your supplier has experience in your business model or industry. This will not only allow you to know their scope as a supplier but also have references from their clients or success stories. There are many NetSuite mobile apps for its user to handle their businesses easily.

Trained Team: Your NetSuite provider needs to have a trained and certified NetSuite team in order to provide you with quality service. This will allow them to be prepared to cover any of your needs and know how to identify any errors in advance.

Customized evaluation and implementation: NetSuite is designed to meet the needs of any type of company regardless of its size, business model or industry. Make sure your service provider offers you a custom implementation that meets your needs and grows with you. Integrations of other apps are also very easy if using NetSuite i.e., MailChimp NetSuite integration.

Recognition from Oracle NetSuite: Oracle NetSuite recognizes its partners based on their best skills and based on the customer experience it acquires and implements. It is a good reference to know with which supplier your company can achieve success. 


In conclusion: 


Your service provider must analyze your business model in-depth to offer you a customized solution in terms of modules or functionalities.

Make sure you have an experienced NetSuite consultant, not a salesperson. This will give you the guarantee of hiring a business partner, not a NetSuite license.

We invite you to learn more about Anchor Group and discover why we are the # 1 Oracle NetSuite Partner.




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