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Essential things to know before joining Yoga Teacher Training

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Many yoga training school teachers all over the world give assurance about the best health. But among the finest Yoga schools in Nepal, Pokhara Yoga School is considered to be the best of all. Also known as a perfect yoga center for yoga teacher training, yoga retreat, and ayurvedic classes.  People from all over the world have received the benefits of yoga here. Yoga gives strength and health to practitioners. The school has a fantastic history of the field. It is exclusively devoted to spreading sacred yoga throughout the world and improves the health situation and spiritual well-being of the people. It is the most booming and finest yoga school in Nepal to share yogic knowledge with the people of the world. As the school has been giving spiritual knowledge and yogic practice for a long time

The main reasons why Pokhara Yoga School is the best yoga school in Nepal are

1. The Course is provided in the Pokhara is different than other yoga schools. In Pokhara yoga school they provide a “300-hours certified –LIVE ON ZOOM “course. This is the only school in Nepal to be registered in the US yoga alliance.

2. All the teachers in the school are highly qualified in their field. They make a good team of skillful and experienced teachers.

3. Since it is located next to the forest, you will have access to get lost in the peaceful green woods and beauty of nature to soothe your mind, soul, and body. It is also called Gateway to Annapurna Circuit

4. The location of Pokhara is on the same piece of land as the International Airport. And this geographical alignment makes it easy to reach Pokhara from the airport. 

5. The highest number of students in Nepal has graduated from this school. And apart from that people of more than 100 countries chose this school to get their Yoga training, retreat, and Ayurveda courses done.

6. While maintaining the international standard school successfully follows the true principle of Yoga. 

Many yoga schools in Nepal are convenient and good for the people at the local level. However, Pokhara Yoga School put forward the course for national and international students.


The Sanskrit language teaches us that ashtanga means eight-limbed (asta as eight and anga as a limb). Ashtanga Yoga is an eight-limbed path towards achieving the particular state of Yoga, also known as Samadhi. With these eight limbs, one can connect the inner and outer sides of the human body and mind. 

Many yoga practitioners believe that if one tags on the eight limbs, then he can find the meaning of life and live peacefully.

Below are the eight limbs of yoga

• Yamas: control or observances concerning how the aspiring yogi should be in touch with his or her community.

• Niyamas: focuses on behavioral chains

• Asanas: The word deciphers to “seat”. These are the meditative position that promotes stillness of mind and physical postures that make easy sitting for a longer time in those meditative postures.

Pranayama: Prana is the life force, and Yama is self-control. Pranayama interprets as an extension of life energy. It is a breathing practice that engages the retention of breath.

• Pratyahara: pulling out the senses from things that are not encouraging to the practice of Yoga, moving from the peripheral to the internal world. When the 5 senses are controlled, the mind can then become still.

• Dharana: Concentration on a particular thing, preferably something spiritual in nature.

• Dhyan: Meditation.  Unremitting and smooth concentration.In which the meditator begins to unite with the object of meditation.

• Samadhi: A super-conscious abstraction in which the mind amalgamates fully with and becomes one with the objective of meditation. In the uppermost state of Samadhi, there is no longer any object of meditation.


 Ashtanga Yoga has been practiced in India for thousands of years. From these beginnings, many diverse beliefs and practices were developed. Ashtanga is first referenced around 200 to 250 BC when a very old sage by the name of Patanjali construed the eight limbs of yoga. The practice of Ashtanga Yoga brings together breath with movement and focal point, to create a style of Yoga that is ideal for meditation and inner cleansing. It is commonly thought that the fundamental practices of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga  are

1. Breath

2. Asanas

3. Self-awareness 

This is what persuades the most popular styles of yoga around the Western world today.


The great sage told that the first duty of a yoga aspirant is to take concern of the physical body, as it is certainly the means to the pursuit of spiritual life. Certified and experienced Ashtang yoga experts in the Pokhara yoga teacher training school, will take you on your spiritual journey to discover yourself with almost ease.


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