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ERP With Tableau

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There are many reasons why businesses are shifting from using traditional ERP systems to using ERP with Tableau. The first of which is the cost involved. ERP software packages like Microsoft Business Solutions, The Intuitive Enterprise Solution, and Microsoft Business Solutions Online are expensive. If a business decides to use these packages, they will have to invest in additional onsite computer servers, costly software upgrades, and training programs for employees. These software packages require a trained consultant who specializes in ERP to install them and train the employees how to use them.

Using ERP with Tableau/PowerBI

Is a better alternative since it does not require so much computer knowledge and training. If a company decides to go for this alternative, they can simply implement the ERP system in-house and train their employees on how to use the software. It can be completely implemented without requiring any staff changes in most companies.

ERP with Tableau/PowerBI is also more flexible compared to the traditional ERP system. With the traditional ERP, upgrades and modifications to the system are necessary to accommodate market changes or to adjust the business processes to meet the new demands of consumers. But with ERP with Tableau, companies can easily make adjustments if ever there is a need for them. Since the system supports access via portable devices like tablet PCs, laptop, netbooks and other such gadgets, it is easier to work with the system no matter where you are. It can be connected to the company network or to the internal intranet and other external networks as well.

Another great advantage

Of ERP with Tableau is its mobility feature. One of the key features of ERP is that its applications can be remotely managed. You can run the software on a laptop to run a conference on your premises. You can send emails to all the employees or to customers. With the help of a web browser, you can check the productivity statistics of your employees and send them emails regarding any change in the business operations. You can check the availability of data in the real-time through online reports.

You can import all the data

From any source, such as excel files, Microsoft Access database, and other third-party sources. This increases the speed of data input into the ERP system. Since the system handles all the data transported to the back office by the employees, you do not have to worry about the quality of data. You can trust the generated reports because they come from experienced and updated sources.

In a highly competitive industry, the speed of data input is very important. When you make your move to implement ERP with Tableau, you will save a lot of money, effort and time. Instead of hiring IT manpower and purchasing costly software products for the back office. You can simply purchase a ready-to-run system for your company. You can also save a lot of money on support services. Because you will no longer need to hire support personnel to answer the telephones for your ERP system.


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