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Enter the Zillion Dollar Real Estate Business With A Zillow Clone

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Real estate is probably the Beethoven or the Mozart of investments. Despite being traditional and ancient, it is still a classic and has always succeeded in its investors. Real estate has diversified into multiple segments. Today, even home rentals can be considered a crucial element of the real estate business. The purchasing of land and houses still exists.

The archaic paperwork of real estate has been replaced, at least in part, by a lot of real estate software. About 45% of home buyers initiate their research through online searches. 98% of these users are millennials, and as you may have known, millennials expect a customer-centric approach, and it makes business sense to build products that cater to these millennials.

Zillow is one of the few apps that understood this millennial mindset a decade ago. Having had a headstart in 2006, the company is currently valued at a staggering $35.1 billion. It acquired almost all of its competitors, making it the USA’s largest online real estate agency. The Zillow app has about 186 monthly visitors.

The real estate market needs no introduction. The global real estate market is worth about $9.6 trillion and does not show any signs of slowing down. It has been diversified considerably because of the moving population, the globalization of investments, the enhanced visibility of digital marketing avenues, and the introduction of new technology like centralized digital ledgers.

It only makes business sense for any entrepreneur to join this trillion-dollar bandwagon. Now is the right time for anyone to invest in building an app like Zillow. To create an app like Zillow, however, a few features need to be in place. We will need to look at what made Zillow an instant success, and we will need to at least replicate them, if not exceed expectations.

Features of Real estate apps like Zillow


Your real estate app script should ensure that it enables easy signing up. In addition to incorporating social media/Google login, you can also introduce two-factor authentication, biometrics, and other features that enhance security. 

Search and Filtration: 

The market for real estate is vast, but the requirements of a user are quite specific. This mandates the need for a powerful search and filtration process. There are reputable apps that give more than 30 different search filters. Your app should include keyword-oriented searches and filtration by property type, parking availability, neighbourhood, characteristics, and facilities.


As many real estate purists would swear, real estate is all about location, location, and location. Your app should make information on the property, the neighbourhood, and the amenities available in the vicinity of the property visible on the app. You will also need to include sensitive information like community friendliness, crime rates, and general safety.

Detailed Posting: 

When it comes to real estate, completeness triumphs over convenience! When people post their listings, they should be able to provide every small bit of detail that will make it easy for customers to zero down on their choice. There should be a way to let real estate consumers know about the property’s verification status and authenticity. The track record of the seller/agent should be visible, so users can make informed decisions.

Some real estate locations are always in high demand, and you can leverage the benefits of big data in this regard. Using the data, you should be able to generate heat maps for various aspects like cost, living comfort, and possibilities of natural disaster risks and crimes.

Photos and Videos: 

A picture speaks a thousand words and is 100% true in the case of the real estate business. Your real estate marketplace app should encourage people who post information about the property to post pictures. You can also consider attaching if you advanced features like 360° photos, videos, and, if possible, a virtual tour of the property.

More than just information…

Remember that your real estate marketplace is not just a centre for information but also for transactions. This is where we need to look at your apps like Zillow beyond just data and aggregation.

Your real estate marketplace app should have a CRM integrated within itself. This mandates the need for customer support. The profit of the real estate marketplace depends on the number of leads it can facilitate and the deals it can complete. Therefore, your customer support team, in combination with the CRM, should be able to convert potential visitors into profitable businesses.

The CRM should be complete with essential marketing dimensions, like email marketing, so you can stay in touch with your potential customers frequently. The CRM should also be able to classify customers based on their heat levels.

Communication is the key to closing quick deals. Suppose a customer is genuinely interested in buying a property. In that case, they should be provided with the communication options within the app to get in touch with the support executive or directly with the seller.


We have already established the relevance and profitability of the real estate market and the inevitability of a real estate app like Zillow. If you intend to launch your own real estate app, the time and effort it takes to build the technology can be cumbersome.

Alternatively, consider going for a Zillow Clone. A Zillow Clone script is easy to customize and can bear the features of your choice based on your market, customer profile, and requirements. The Zillow Clone app will also be free from bugs that might interfere with the expected basic functions of the app. A real estate PHP script holds a lot of market relevance because of this degree of dependability.

All that is left for you to do to launch a real estate app like Zillow is to get in touch with a company Specialising in Zillow Clone app development. They will customize the real estate clone script in line with what you need, and you are all set to launch your own technically advanced real estate marketplace!



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