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Enhance Your Daily Meditation Routine with an Infrared Sauna

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Meditation can be a key to clearing the mind and living a centered lifestyle. Many find transformative value in setting aside time each day to practice the art of mindfulness with the intent to bring your world into greater focus and find your rhythm. To create the best environment for meditation, you may have explored a few of the tools and resources available today. From smartphone wellness apps , to personal guides, options are plentiful. Many people are discovering the benefits of an infrared sauna to elevate their experience of meditation, as well as their physical wellbeing. An infrared sauna can enhance your meditation in ways conventional wellness tools and resources can’t match.

Beginning Your New Meditation Experience

Can an infrared (IR) sauna truly make a difference? Consider your meditation or mindfulness routine as it exists now. Are you missing the solitude you need to clear your mind and find inner peace? Are you hounded by distractions or unable to maintain rhythm for as long as you would like? Do you want to enhance your focus and feel a relaxing warmth with every breath as you journey toward your center? The insulated privacy, quiet peace and beautiful ambiance of an IR sauna helps overcome these challenges, helping you get more out of each session. It becomes your personal sanctuary.

Incorporating an IR Sauna Into Your Mindful Lifestyle

An IR sauna gives you solitude, blocks distractions, and intensifies focus. The IR light surrounds you with beneficial wavelengths of invisible light that gently warm you from within, promoting a feeling of peace. The warmth is enjoyable and calming, and can be set to your comfort level. Additionally, incorporating an IR sauna into your approach to mindfulness requires little change to your existing routine. It’s a matter of selecting the IR sauna that best suits your needs, along with bringing an IR sauna into your personal space, whether it’s your home spa, gym, pool house, or elsewhere. Your oasis is wherever it needs to be. If you choose a model with a screen or sound system you can easily add guided meditation or sound therapy.

Technology Is Your Companion, in More Ways Than One

Not all IR saunas are created equal. Some are designed specifically for home use. Some brands go to the extent to incorporate technology to enhance the experience further. The Sunlighten® mPulse® 3 in 1® infrared saunas provide access to guided mediation apps or videos via the built-in tablet. Sunlighten also offers a portable infrared sauna that incorporates chromotherapy to enhance your meditation even further. It brings IR heat, color therapy, and a meditative space into one powerful tool. As you practice the art of mindfulness, let color and warmth wash over you. Each element works to create harmony in mind, body, and spirit and helps you reach your center in a way unlike any other.

About Sunlighten®

With an innovative lineup of infrared saunas, as well as custom-built options, Sunlighten brings a new level of wellness technology into the home. Sunlighten infrared (IR) saunas have earned accolades from doctors, therapists, coaches, and wellness professionals as an effective way to promote whole-body wellbeing. Sunlighten IR saunas are designed to target specific functional concerns, including post-workout muscle recovery for improved athletic performance, cleansing the body of environmental toxins, as well as general relaxation—an essential part of any health and wellness regimen. Sunlighten also enhances the IR sauna experience with the inclusion of chromotherapy. This color therapy technology uses visible light to further support physical and mental wellness in addition to the encompassing heat of infrared light.

Let Sunlighten take you on your meditation journey at https://www.sunlighten.com/


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