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EMS Suits as Pain Relievers. Does EMS Training Really Reduce Pain?

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EMS Suit

Electrical muscle stimulation training is increasingly becoming popular due to its effectiveness in building muscles, toning, and losing weight. However, the benefits of EMS extend beyond fitness to encompass tackling pain, particularly back and knee pain. Does EMS Training Really Reduce pain? Here are some points for you.

Using EMS Suit to Tackle Back Pain
Back pain, notably lower back pain, is a common health problem across the globe. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2018, 28% of men and 32% of women reported having experienced lower back pain at least once in the last three months.

These statistics indicate the prevalence of the condition in the USA. And it is insane, to say the least. Back pain adversely affects performance at work and general well-being, lowering the quality of life. Lower back pain can either be acute, sub-acute, or chronic. There are several risk factors that are associated with lower back pain. It includes occupational posture, age, height, excessive weight, and depressive moods. Either spending hours over a desk or a previous injury is the reason of back pain. EMS suits offer the most convenient solution to reducing your back pain and improving your quality of life.

EMS Suit and Back Pain Treatment
The role of EMS is grounded on the exercise in relieving pain. It provides to muscles and joints. Many people do not recognize the benefits of exercising when it comes to pain reduction. There is an ongoing myth that exercising aggravates back pain and increases discomfort. However, this is not the case if your form is correct.

How EMS Workouts Reduce Lower Back Pain
EMS workouts strengthen muscles hence reduction of back-related pain. When the electrodes are applied to the skin above the muscles. Then the electrical currents intensify muscle contraction externally. EMS training suit also helps with pain management through closing the nerve “gates’ that transfer pain messages to the brain.

The ability of EMS to close nerve “gates” is grounded on the “gate control” theory of pain. The gate control theory of pain hypothesizes that non-painful stimulus, for instance, electrical currents, can close nerve gates that transfer the pain signal to the brain.

Ems Workouts Strengthen Muscles:

Especially around the spine and the core, and improve posture, thus reducing the risk of back pain. EMS training is typically low-impact and, as such unlikely to cause unnecessary strain on joints muscles.
Unlike traditional working out where you need to spend hours on end at the gym. With EMS, you only need 20 minutes every couple of days, reducing strain on muscles while allowing the body time to regenerate between sessions.
As you can see, EMS suits is a progressive technique to back pain management. It is not only cheap but also time-sensitive. Order your YD Strong EMS suit at Best Electric Muscle Stimulator | EMS training Suit – Brute Suits today!

EMS Suit for Knee Pain Treatment
Another common type of acute and sub-acute pain globally is the patellofemoral pain syndrome. We can refer it as runner’s knee.

We can link patellofemoral pain syndrome with pain around or under the kneecap. Pain management for a runner’s knee often encompasses a therapeutic exercise program. Patellofemoral pain syndrome occurs when nerves sense pain in the soft tissue and bone around the knee cap. EMS training is a therapy that reduces knee pain since the electrodes placed over the muscle of the affected leg provide message and mobilization. EMS workouts are, as such, also ideal for individuals recovering from a knee injury.

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