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Email Marketing Funnels: How Can You Build One?

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Email Marketing Funnels is an evergreen tactic to increase leads, brand awareness, and customer engagement. With the right strategy, your email marketing ROI can grow multi-fold.

Interesting, right?

It is. To sharpen your email marketing strategy, start by building a powerful funnel.

An email marketing funnel visually represents how leads convert into customers through timely, relevant emails. By helping you plan and send the right emails, a funnel reduces the friction between buyer journey stages and improves conversions.

You need to follow the process to build an effective mail marketing funnel.

How Can You Build a Super-Effective Email Marketing Funnel?

Creating separate funnels to reach and engage different audience segments would be best. However, the funnel-building process remains the same. It can be broken down into the following six steps:

  1. Pick the Right Email Marketing Tool

Email marketing, if planned well, will not take a lot of time or effort. All the processes, from creating to tracking emails, should happen automatically and timely.

To automate your email marketing, you can use a robust software solution. While selecting your software, ensure it has advanced automation features and rich templates.

  1. Build Your Contact List

You need an extensive contact list to fuel your email marketing funnels. You can gather contacts through your CRM systems, existing subscriber lists, and social media pages.

To access new leads, use gated content with sign-up forms. Be sure that the content offered is valuable and relevant to your audience.

Start Engaging Your Contacts

Once contacts enter your funnel, welcome them with warm emails. Personalize the subject lines and salutations. Introduce your brand and products, delving into their USPs (unique selling points).

If your email marketing tool has segmentation capability, use dynamic content for each audience segment. This way, you can improve email open rates and engagement.

  1. Nurture Your Contacts

Once your contacts know your brand, it’s time to become their preferred brand.

To facilitate that, educate your contacts through informative content. Project your brand as the best solution to their problems and challenges. However, avoid blatant promotion. First, make your audience “pain-aware.” Then, please explain how your products are best equipped to help them.

  1. Turn Your Contacts into Customers

When your contacts start trusting you, they are more amenable to your conversion attempts.

To speed up the conversion process, offer attractive deals and discounts. Again, dig into your tool analytics to come up with relevant offers. Include hard-to-miss calls-to-action (CTAs) and redirect links to your websites. Retarget lost customers with better offers.

  1. Retain Your Customers

Continue helping customers with post-sales services and content (like product tutorials). This way, you help cement their brand loyalty. 

To extract maximum ROI from contacts, ask them for referrals. Through exclusive offers, add-on services, and redeemable loyalty points, encourage customers to purchase from you again.

Ready to Growth Hack Your Email Marketing?

Email marketing funnels can make your marketing more smooth, precise and resultful. They can help you fulfill your business goals, from sales to advocacy.

To create effective funnels, you need more information than this post covers. Check out the below infographic for the detailed strategy, pro tips, and more.


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