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Eliminate Counterfeits With Anti Counterfeiting Solutions?

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Consumers are switching to digitization as a response to pandemic situations. Be it purchasing products online, booking services digitally, or any other purpose, adapting to the virtual world has become normal for most of us. But, this rise in e-Commerce has also given a boost to counterfeits. They are flooding into all kinds of online existence, making it hard for consumers to identify whether they are purchasing a fake product or not.

Protect your brand with LetsVeriFy Unclonable Technology  

Seeing a brand’s counterfeited product can be a warning sign for consumers. Brands with a strong presence, individual design, or original products have to protect themselves. The right brand protection solution will prohibit the use of unauthorized trademarks and illegal retail of the counterfeited products. As a result, it protects the brands from loss of revenue, declining sales, and crucial damage to goodwill. 

LetsVeriFy Anti Counterfeiting Solutions not only reduces the extent of counterfeiting but completely eliminates it, leaving no scope for any cheap tactics to hamper the supply of authentic products. Unclonable technology is a unique solution that gives a distinct identity to each product, making it easy for the users to identify whether the product is real or fake. It eliminates the setbacks that lie in the digital transactions of the products and services as now the end-consumers can verify the product by having access to Mobile App, WhatsApp, SMS, and Web App very easily.​

Get the foolproof Unclonalable Technology with: 

  • 3D pattern technology for complete protection of the products.
  • Product Verification before and after purchase.
  • Access to consumers, field staff, mystery auditors, and influencers.
  • Multi-time Verification Support
  • 3-D Labels and photocopy-proof

Never allow the counterfeits to go unchallenged. It encourages them to continue with their illicit activities and defame the years of hard work of the brands. It’s important to take a powerful stand against it and protect the interest of both the brands and the consumers. 

What will happen when someone scans the protected tags? 

The protected unclonable tag is unique and will be scanned at every process to prevent the misuse of the product. It continuously keeps an eye on irregularities. If someone tries to hamper the supply chain process or the end process, it will immediately send alerts to the concerned authority. Consumers can easily track their product from manufacturing to reaching their hands. Now, the brands can formulate and execute strategic decision-making and improvise it in the existing techniques and methodologies.

The counterfeiting issue is not gonna disappear at one time. But, protecting the image and other necessary processes is the utmost priority of every brand. We all have to accept the fact that as soon as the brand starts gaining popularity, its counterfeit products begin to rise in the market. Protect your brand from cheap counterfeiting practices and ensure the authenticity of the product with LetsVeriFy foolproof Anti Counterfeiting Solutions. Rise above these problems and make sure you are leaving no stone unturned to take your brand to the next level. 


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