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Elementor WordPress: what is it? Why use it?

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WordPress is cms software (or content management system). Among the plug-ins that are offered there is the “Elementor WordPress” page builder.

But what is Elementor WordPress? And why use it?

Elementor WordPress: what is it exactly?

“Elementor” is WordPress’ featured page builder. Released in May 2016, the plug-in continues to evolve to help users get the most from their websites. Basically, this tool is free.

However, if you want to go further in customizing your site, a paid “Pro” version is also available (with prices starting at $ 49 / year). Elementor now has more than two million functional installations while the number of users recorded in 2017 was around 600,000.

Elementor WordPress

Elementor WordPress: definition

It is a page builder for WordPress accessible to users as a plugin. This tool is essential for creating complex pages without coding and taking inspiration from ready-made templates . This allows users to customize their website to their liking from scratch.

The key is rich color content and an attractive design, just like your business. You can make changes to your pages at any time. The changes made are visible in real time. Elementor WordPress thus represents an essential tool to facilitate the “  user experience  ” of your visitors.

Why use Elementor WordPress?

Eh yes ! It has many advantages for individuals as well as for professionals.

Ease of use

Elementor WordPress is a real asset for managing a website. Indeed, the plug-in guides you and supports you to help you design rich, entertaining content that is adapted to your objectives . However, you also need to have some coding skills if you want to tailor a site to measure. Our agency can help you in such steps by offering you its expertise in the creation and development of websites.

An economical solution

Elementor WordPress represents an inexpensive formula, especially for SMEs and start-ups that have a limited budget for creating websites. However, the evaluation of the cost of such a tool necessarily implies taking into account the result obtained. Indeed, the success and therefore the traffic generated on the page created via Elementor has a direct impact on the real cost of the operation.

In addition, soliciting the services of an expert is often very expensive and some companies do not have the means to hire them.

If you wish to be helped, our agency offers various support services in the creation of tailor-made websites , with formulas adapted to your needs.

A variety of features accessible to all

Once “Elementor WordPress” is installed, you will be entitled to a wide variety of benefits:

  • design posts and pages with a single interface, compared to the standard content templates provided with your WordPress theme;
  • enjoy a 100% original design on your pages and articles. You no longer have to work in the classic editor offered by WordPress;
  • Elementor WordPress does not require any special skills in HTML / CSS / PHP coding ;
  • you operate directly on the “front end”. As a result, you instantly get a glimpse of the fruits of your labor.
  • You will understand, Elementor WordPress adapts to all WordPress themes. This plug-in is ideal for saving your current design while enjoying all the other benefits.

Which Elementor WordPress pack to choose?

The “Elementor WordPress” plugin is free. However, the professional version is available in three formats: Personal, Plus, and Expert. Each version offers the same options. The difference is simply in the number of websites you will be able to design.

  • For small businesses (for example: bakery, artisanal confection, e-commerce, etc.), it is advisable to opt for the “Personal” pack . Indeed, the needs for this type of organization are “basic” and are perfectly suited to this first version of Elementor WordPress.
  • In addition, the Expert package is ideal for freelance web designers . This Elementor WordPress format is suitable for people who have the daily tasks of building multiple sites for their clients.
  • Finally, the “Plus” version represents the intermediate offer between these two types of needs.
  • Note: the validity period of a license is of the order of one year. Once this period has passed, if you have not renewed your offer, you will no longer have access to the models and pro blocks nor to any updates.

How to create a WordPress site with Elementor?

Now that you have an overview of the basics of WordPress, let’s get started with the practical part. How to concretely create a website with this famous WordPress page builder?

Install and activate Elementor WordPress

To get started, you need to install the plug-in. Like other WordPress plugins , the installation of Elementor is done as standard. When the installation is complete, a control panel will appear on your screen. You can thus make the modifications you want thanks to the option “Modify with Elementor”.

Note that the following items appear in the list of options:

  • main canva: helps to place your content blocks and adjust them as you wish;
  • pieces of content available on your website;
  • access to Elementor’s settings (colors, fonts, etc.);
  • back to the block editor;
  • general settings of the page you are working on;
  • history of changes made to the page;
  • switch to responsive mode to optimize your website on smartphones and tablets;
  • overview of changes;
  • “Publish page” menu.

Page structure

To create a page with Elementor WordPress, we first invite you to understand the concept related to the structure of the page:

  • a page can contain any number of sections;
  • each section can have one or more columns;
  • a column can be made up of several content elements;
  • you can then customize each piece of content to your own liking.

Create content

In a new section, you can insert new columns. All you have to do is fill them with the content of your choice. To do this, just drag and drop separate blocks from the sidebar. Once the content block is ready, you can click on it to edit the details of its content (layout, style, advanced).

In conclusion, Elementor WordPress is an easy and quick to use page builder. It is suitable for a very large audience, although some coding concepts are required for its use. With Elementor WordPress, you can customize or website creators in hyderabad as you wish and enjoy a 100% authentic interface!


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