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Eid Prayer During the Pandemic

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We have witnessed a Ramadan unlike any other that we have witnessed before. Individuals and communities all over the world have shown devotion, determination, and intelligence. In our homes, we learned to pray Tarawih on our own. We read the Qur’an daily. We listened to regular lectures and reminders from our imams, teachers, and scholars through the internet. We met virtually to keep iftars and check in with one another. To receive the blessings of charity during Ramadan, we donated to the organizations. All of this and more is only possible because of Allah’s guidance and the strength of our faith.

Eid is a time for joy, gathering, and expressing gratitude to Allah for His many blessings. We all have fond memories of Eid days gone by. With the rapid increase in COVID-19 positive cases, there are certain challenges that Muslims all over the world face. In order to address these challenges, there are some amendments in the way Eid could be celebrated.

Every country celebrates Eid as per the appearance of the Moon, if you want to know when will Eid be celebrated in Pakistan, then you must follow Pakistan Newsresources.

The Obligation Of Eid

Eid prayer is an integral part of celebrating Eid. There is no way one can miss out on Eid prayer. Eid prayer, as it is an obligation for all Muslims and Eid would be regarded as complete without the Eid prayer. The Quranic verses and the Hadith support and stresses the significance of the Eid prayer at multiple points.

The Prophet Muhammad prayed the Eid prayer in congregation with his Companions from the time it was prescribed until he passed. It can be anticipated from this that under no circumstances one must skip Eid prayers. There is no room of missing out on Eid prayers for the Muslims.

Then Eid prayer is then followed by the Eid Khutbah.

Khutba Of Eid

As per the majority of scholars, having a khutbah issued by the Imam on the day of Eid is advised. The Imam advises the audience and tells them of Allah and His Messenger. The Eid khutbah, unlike the Friday khutbah, is delivered immediately following the congregational prayer. The Friday khutbah is regarded as an important component of the Jumu’ah duty and it is held before the Jummah prayer. The khutbah of Eid is held after the prayer and Eid prayer cannot be complete without it.


In view of our current situation, the following question has arisen: Are we exempt from the duty to come together on Fridays, Eids, and congregational prayers to worship Allah? Is the fear of COVID-19 spreading a valid reason for people to avoid attending religious services in person?

Islam is not a strict religion and it does not prioritise customs over the well-being of its people. It allows you to offer congregational prayers at home. There are certain Hadiths that supports praying at home in case of emergencies and life-threatening situations.

Reminds us that those who are unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances will still receive the reward. Suppose a person is prevented from performing an obligation due to a fair and legitimate excuse. In that case, they will still be compensated according to their purpose (if Allah wills). “Actions are rewarded based on their intentions,” the Prophet Muhammad taught us. This was the Covid-19 update concerning the Eid Prayer in the light of Islam. Make sure to keep yourself and others safe around you by following all the safety measures and SOPs. It is recommended to offer Eid Prayer at home in o


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