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Effective social media promotion strategies

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Have you realised the importance of social media for business and decided to start promoting? But … Where will you start? Let’s take a look at the options.

An audience of literally any age is present on social networks today. There are global social networks, plus each country has more and less popular ones.

We suggest you start promoting on these social networks that best suit your business. Testing will help determine exactly where your audience is, and which of the proposed options should be emphasised. These social media tips will help you make the most out of your marketing strategy.

1. Determine the purpose of having and promoting your business on social media

When starting to promote on social networks, you must understand exactly why you are doing this. The type of content, frequency of publications, promotion methods will depend on this.

Possible goals:

Reducing the cost of the client. It’s a question of the quality of targeted Facebook ads. By using the right instructions, you can spend less money on advertising and get more customers.

Niche research. Be active on social media to deeply explore your chosen industry. Here you can track the actions of more successful competitors and communicate directly with your target audience.

Increased brand loyalty. Do you want to gain the trust of potential customers? Share valuable content or physical goods with your subscribers for free. Social media is a great way to communicate.

Effective staff recruitment. Is it one of your tasks to assemble a team of talented and promising employees? There are definitely people on different social media that are right for you. And, most importantly, they resonate with the ideas and meanings of your business. This goal cannot be taken as the main one, but it will become a pleasant bonus when needed.

2. Study the demographics of your target audience

The main advantage of targeted advertising is that you only serve ads to people who are really interested in your offerings. For this kind of advertising, you need to provide the most accurate information about the audience. You need roughly the same process for attracting followers to your community. Imagine that the ultimate goal is to subscribe a person to a page.

To interest them in something, you need to study the following information:



-a place of residence;


This is the minimum you should know. Additionally, study what your potential customers are interested in, what needs they have, how they behave in social networks.

3. Determine your content type

You’ve noticed that nowadays there are a lot of business accounts that only offer you to buy something. How do you feel about such profiles? A lot of people just block them and clean up their followers regularly. If you don’t want your account to be treated the same way, carefully consider your content strategy. Make sure that your brand stands out. A good quality branding agency can help you with that.

Take a close look at your audience and think about what might be of interest to your potential subscribers on the topic of your business. Find relevant questions that can be analysed, share recommendations and simply interesting content. Try to make purchase offers no more than once a week. Better yet, create an automated sales funnel and guide people through all the stages, starting with a free collaboration.

4. Create a content plan

By properly scheduling your publishing times based on the statistics you have learned, you will greatly increase your capture. The smart feed shows users the most interesting posts first. That is, the higher the reach of your post, the more subscribers see it.

Mini life hack: try to post images and videos outside round-the-clock times. For example, instead of 07:00, publish the post at 07:14 or 07:19. This creates the illusion that everything in your account is happening organically.

5. Edit photos and videos before publishing

Audience demands on social media are increasing. Therefore, you must keep a close eye on the content. Analyse your competitors. To find their strengths and weaknesses, read the comments under the posts. Take into account all errors and edit the materials before publishing so that there are no questions about your content.

What to focus on:

Quality. Try to shoot only in the daytime, in natural light. Built-in filters will help make your post more beautiful and attractive.

Form style. Accounts whose posts are mixed with others in the feed receive little attention. Try to make your photos stand out. Use the same filter or add branded graphics.


If you are just going to promote your business on social networks, I recommend you to focus on one or two. Over time, you can connect other social networks if you are sure that your audience is there.

Use these promotion strategies to build followers quickly. Constantly analyse and tighten up the results to increase the number of sales.


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