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Education – An important asset of Life

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Why education is important and difference between educated and uneducated society:

Education has an important role in one’s life, it helps to grow your mindset, identifying right & wrong, a bright future and many more. This is an assets which can’t be lost or stolen. There’s no fix age for education, we start learning from childhood and education never ends. Right education from the beginning can be lead to successful & happy life. Knowledgeable and skilled person get more opportunities compared to uneducated person.

We learn something new everyday and whatever we learn in daily life, schools or college, that’s sort of experience which we’ll do in future or upcoming days. When a child goes to school, there he not only learn about vocabulary, mathematics, science or any subject but also manners, self confidence, manage with other children, respect and many things. With the help of it a person become successful everyone find his thoughts, prospective, way of living different from uneducated person.

Difference between educated and uneducated society:

Educated society knows the right things and live life by following systematic law. They measure any thing with their knowledge and fact. A knowledgeable person can identifies what is needed for a good society and work on same path. Good educated people helps making country best.Uneducated society has negative attitude, they measure things with their own ideology, never respect laws and believe in violence. They can’t imagine their future to be bright because they generally don’t have manners to behave, manage situations.

  • Right learning makes a person educated.
  • Without education future can’t be good.
  • An educated person can change his way of life and inspire others.
  • More we meet skilled person, more we polish our knowledge.
  • Education open doors of lots of opportunities. 


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