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Ecommerce website development in Vancouver

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Ecommerce, one of the most sought-after business models of today, is not just about setting up an
online store and selling online. Establishing an e-commerce site and selling online means being involved
in an industry that is growing and developing day by day. If you want to enter this sector and be
successful, there are details that you need to pay attention to.
Although it may seem difficult to start e-commerce, you can easily take the necessary steps thanks to
the technology of our age. Especially ready-made e-commerce packages will be your biggest helper in
this regard. Thanks to turnkey solutions, you can start selling your products on your own e-commerce
site in a much shorter time than you think. In this article, we will guide you about eCommerce website
development in Vancouver.

How to Set Up an E-commerce webSite in Vancouver?

You can start eCommerce by creating a new venture or by moving your existing business to the internet.
Even if you have a physical business, you may need to make changes in your logistics structure.
However, technical infrastructure and digital marketing are among the basic dynamics to maintain your
online presence.
Regardless of whether you serve as a corporate or individual, you have to go through some stages.
Before setting up your site, you should make a preliminary preparation and then complete the legal
processes. In this process, you can also get support from professionals while carrying out physical and
digital work.
All the information you will need to easily overcome all these small and large details about eCommerce
website development in Vancouver is in this guide. Thanks to the e-commerce site setup guide we have
prepared for you, you can get information not only about how to set up an e-commerce site but also
about all the steps of e-commerce.

How to Make Online Sales?

If you prefer us for eCommerce website development in Vancouver to start eCommerce, you can set up
your own online store in just a few steps. While you are reviewing your demo eCommerce site, our
eCommerce experts will reach you as soon as possible and will give you a free consultation on any
questions you may have. In addition, you can learn about the features included in e-commerce packages
and how we will support you while selling online from our e-commerce specialist.
When you decide on the package you want to use for your e-commerce site, our e-commerce specialist
will send you your contract. Once you sign the contract, your e-commerce site will be opened and ready
for use.
You can examine the steps you need to take during all these processes in detail in the following items.

1) Determine the Field and Sector You Will Do E-commerce

If you have an existing business in which you are dealing with traditional trade. Then it will be an
advantage for you to start selling online in an industry where you have experience. In the future, it will
be an inevitable necessity for you to sell products from other sectors.
If you' re looking to start a new venture, it may be difficult to grow in an already heavily serviced space.
Instead, you can choose an area with a service gap or develop an area of interest and move it forward
for ecommerce website development in Vancouver.

2) Select the Products and Product Groups to Sell

It is possible to appeal to the entire industry you prefer to sell online. But you may also want to choose a
specific product line. At this point, you should carefully choose the products you will sell. If you are
wondering how to set up an e-commerce site, this is one of the biggest steps you should take. Before
choosing a product, you should make sure that you follow and analyze the markets and trends correctly.
If you want to follow life which products are sold more in e-commerce, you can get an idea by
examining the instant product sales data in Turkey.

3) Create Your Brand

No matter how high your product and service quality is, your customers' eyes will be primarily on your
brand value. For this, you need to create a brand name that can appeal to your target audience and that
is pleasing to the language and the ear. If you have a brand known in the industry, you can use it as it is
or by developing it.
While creating your brand, you should not neglect to choose a logo. You should pay attention to the
simplicity of your logo and the icons in it. One of the most important details is in color. You can choose an
effective color or color combination, taking into account the requirements of your industry. Then you
can go for eCommerce website development in Vancouver.

4) Decide on Your E-commerce Infrastructure

Setting up an eCommerce site is a process that you can start while completing the previous steps. You
can also think of this step as deciding from which company you want support while opening your online
store. You can open your e-commerce site with software you will create from scratch or you can benefit
from ready-made e-commerce infrastructures.
If you want to develop custom software for yourself, you need to master the coding processes or get
support from software developers. Since a special coding will be made for you, your cost will increase
and the process of creating your site will be longer. In addition, you will need additional help for all
updates and developments on your site.

If you prefer ready-made e-commerce infrastructures, you can work with us, which is preferred by 55%
of the existing e-commerce sites in Turkey. You can set up your e-commerce site on a turnkey basis in
one day and get end-to-end service for all your processes.

5) Create Your Site Design

A site design with special details for you allows you to get the maximum efficiency from e-commerce.
With your site design, you can provide visitors to your e-commerce site with an excellent shopping
experience and gain loyal customers.
You can increase your sales on your e-commerce site by making decisions on design issues such as
determining the appearance and colors of your site, the category structure that facilitates the transition
between pages, the window layout, the action buttons leading to purchase, the creation of banners with
the categories and products you want to highlight.
When you set up your e-commerce site with us, you can instantly start using one of the over 200 free
site designs in our design library. If you want a custom design, you can also have a custom site design
suitable for your brand identity and industry.

6) Add Your Products To Your E-commerce Site

Your e-commerce site is your digital shop. You should show the same care you show while placing your
products on the shelves in your shop, while adding your products to your e-commerce site.
The difference between your online store and the physical store is that visitors do not have the chance to see,
handle or try the products with their own eyes before purchasing them. For this reason, you should
include photos taken from different angles and detailed explanations when uploading your products.
If you prefer us for e-commerce, you can make all your product entries at once, no matter how many
products you have. You can change the category, brand, supplier, price, stock, desi, and many more
fields of your products at once with batch operations.
If you need special help adding your products, we can add your products to your site while providing you
with the service of eCommerce website development in Vancouver.

7) Prepare Your Cargo and Logistics Infrastructure

Selling online is a job that requires speed. For this reason, stocks should be up to date, the warehouse
should be active and cargo should always be ready. Complete all your preparations for the logistics
management process consisting of the stock – warehouse – cargo triangle. Prepare your agreements with
relevant persons and institutions by identifying your suppliers and distributors.

With which cargo company you will work, it will be very beneficial for you to make your agreement in
advance and get information about the process. When you do not make a cargo agreement, your costs
will naturally increase as the shipping fees you will pay will be higher.

8) Get Payment Provider Service

Payment infrastructures are the same for e-commerce sites as cash registers are for physical stores. You
can create the payment infrastructure of your site in line with the service you will receive from a
payment provider.
You can make agreements with the banks one by one for the virtual POS installation, or you can have
the virtual POS of more than one bank at the same time through alternative payment methods
companies. You can receive payment via wire transfer / EFT, and you can use the door payment method
for your customers who do not prefer to use cards.
We work in harmony with all bank virtual POS. You can use money order EFT or payment at the door.
You can also integrate alternative payment systems with which you can work with discounted rates, and
start receiving payments from dozens of banks' virtual POS within seconds, thanks to the " Instant Virtual
POS" feature that we developed together with iyzico.

9) Complete Your Company Setup

Since you will carry out commercial actions through your e-commerce site, you should be aware of the
laws to which you are subject. You must also officially establish your business by completing the
necessary legal procedures. According to the regulations, companies that will carry out commercial
activities are required to establish a company. The completeness of your legal permissions and
documents will prevent you from having problems in the future.
If you start e-commerce with us; You can set up your e-commerce company in just 10 minutes without
leaving home, without the need to go to the tax office, notary, or chamber of commerce.

10) Grow Your Business with Marketing Activities

When you are ready to sell and serve, you can promote your e-commerce site. You should carry out the
promotion process in all environments where your target audience and potential customers are present.
For this reason, you can choose not only digital but also traditional channels.
You should keep the marketing department of your e-commerce site constantly active. Once you start
serving, you can gain new customers by continuing your digital marketing efforts through multiple
channels. Digital advertising and SEO studies contribute to the growth of your brand and e-commerce
site. Thanks to these studies, you can find the opportunity to expand your network and increase both
your brand value and sales.

E-commerce sites working with us you are always one step ahead of their competitors thanks to the
marketing tools they will have. You can find all the marketing features you need to reach new customers
and grow your business in e-commerce packages.


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