Ecommerce Trends 2021 – You Need to Know

The eCommerce industry has modified in the past few years and for the better. It has revolutionized retail. Above all, it has evolved to meet changing needs of individuals. Likewise, it also makes online shopping easier for modern customers. But, when it has started, it had reasonably limited in its capabilities. But not anymore. Whether it is customization, integration or, return policies, all of these changes have taken the world of eCommerce. And 2021 is here to change the world of eCommerce trends 2021 further.

So, if you are still on the fence about the Future of eCommerce, these trends will prove to you. And you, too, can include these eCommerce web development services into your business to ensure steady growth.

To take your eCommerce business to the next level in 2021. Take advantage of these eCommerce trends in 2021.

Top five eCommerce trends in 2021

1.     The eCommerce trends are growing.

In this trend, eCommerce sales have constantly grown and for a good cause. Online shopping is one of the most widespread online activities. Global eCommerce sales are projecting to increase 26.7 % year-over-year to $4.891 trillion by 2021. That is not all. It has expected to hit $6.388 trillion, twice more than the eCommerce sale of 2019.

Even it is one of the most popular online activities; its usage varies by region. However, with the increasing popularity of eCommerce stores, many people are turning to online shopping. 

This increase in online shopping is attributing to many factors. One of the main ones is trust. People used to be hesitant to online buying. But, that is no longer the case. Now websites are more customer-friendly. With all the comfort provided, there’s no surprise that online sales growth is becoming unstoppable.

2.     Mobile shopping acceleration trends 2021.

The increase of mobile commerce has been particularly notable. In 2020, total sales made via mobile devices will be at $2.66 trillion. These figures are expecting to grow 18.8% to $3.16 trillion by 2021 before further rising to $3.79 trillion in 2022.

We cannot ignore these figures. Improving the eCommerce experience for mobile customers can be a massive opportunity for businesses. 

Furthermore, it is also anticipating that mobile sales will make up around 72% of all eCommerce industry.  

The usage of mobile devices is growing around the globe. Presently, there are 5.27 billion mobile users globally, and they have expected to increase further in the coming years. In addition, it continues to cause an increase in the number of people shopping online.

SMM websites such as Facebook have also started featuring “buy now” buttons. It allows customers to purchase without switching platforms. Besides this, online retail also features an on-click control to enable customers an easy shopping solution.  

3.     Environmental topics will influence buyers in 2021.

Studies have publicized that environmental topics influence online buying trends. People are ready to purchase goods and services that are environmental. Consequently, they shop from brands whose production procedures do not damage nature. As per the statistic study, millennials are the most self-conscious group regarding spending and social influence. 

As this eCommerce trend in 2021 further endures to rise, many online retailers such as Amazon have started working to build a sustainable business. More businesses are likely to follow this movement, encouraging the production of products. They do not contribute towards waste and help to the safe planet for future generations. 

4.     Increase in influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has been increasing over the past few years. According to Marketing hub, “Influencer marketing includes a brand cooperating with an online blogger to market their products or services. However, some influencer marketing relationships are less tangible. As brands work with influencers to improve brand identity.” 

Individuals are more likely to trust when influencers are promoting products rather than brands. According to stats, it has expected that influencer marketing will hit $13.8 billion by 2021. Furthermore, data from Statista say that the Instagram influencer market size has augmented ¾ in the past four years. In conclusion, we can see a more rise in this trend by the next few years. 

5.     Personalization is the Future

However, more than 50% of buyers say that a tailored online experience is essential. Additionally, 74% of marketers trust personalization has an extreme impact on progressing customer relationships.

Personalizing the online buying experience is the key to retaining customers. People buying online need help to find the products they need. In short, they value a more modified experience. But, as a result of poor product recommendations, online buyers might avoid certain stores.

Ecommerce sites are investing in personalization strategies to make the online buying experience better. For example, it could contain personalizing messages via email to the right consumer group. Additionally, offering personalized customer communications and providing applicable discounts. It is also doing by engaging with customers through video content or post engagements.  


Technology is continually evolving the way business has directed and how consumers shop. If companies do not synchronize with the changing market trends, they will lose significant growth. The eCommerce trends 2021, as mentioned above, can help you ride the wave.

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