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Easy Ways To Teach Kids Math At Home

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Have you been wondering how to teach your kids math at home? Perhaps they have difficulty grasping mathematical formulae, making it even harder to think of how and where to begin. However, maths is essential in every person’s daily life, making it inevitable.

Teaching your kids maths at home shouldn’t be a difficult task. However, lending them a helping hand is mandatory if you anticipate improvement in their grades. 

No matter how difficult it is for them to understand, a good environment is all they need. Also, a different approach from that of teachers can foster their understanding. 

There are various methods by which you can successfully help your kids learn maths at home. Read on to explore them.

1. Discuss Maths Occasionally at Home

Many kids associate maths with their classes and find it strange to mention it at home. Whenever they have a challenge, they do not even think they can solve it anywhere other than school. This habit makes it harder for them to get help even when it could have been available.

To help them, you should make math discussion a usual thing. In this way, your kid will always be happy to share their maths experience in class every day. Moreover, whenever they have any problem, you will effortlessly note and help them where possible.

By making math discussion a familiar content at home, your kids will likely develop a personal interest in this discipline. Also, they will easily overcome fear which makes many kids lose interest in this subject. 

To make Mathematics an active part of their usual endeavors, try to throw in some questions while cooking, cleaning, traveling, or even playing. Some simple puzzling games can help in developing their logical thinking. When they become familiar with the discussion, the subject will probably become part of them, and improvement will automatically set in.

2. Teach Them Through Playing Games 

Playing games is every child’s favorite. So incorporating maths into games is an appropriate way to help your kids learn. Whether learning manually or online, you can turn every math topic into a game that will allow them to understand quickly.

Simple games like counting, measuring, sorting, and many more, allow them to learn the basics of maths in a fun way other than learning heartily in school. 

3. Demonstrate Maths in all Life Activities

Many kids never establish any link whatsoever between maths and life activities. If they understand how to connect maths with their daily activities, it would be easy to learn how to go about it.

Ensure you find many opportunities to present to them how many activities contain this discipline. For instance, teach them to count the change whenever they go to the shop. Whenever you’re cooking, allow them to do the measuring part. Hand them the recipe and let them measure all the ingredients. 

While in the kitchen, they will need to convert some things into others, like hours to minutes, kilograms to grams, liters to milliliters, among others. They will also learn to count and approximate. 

4. Create a Suitable Environment

As mentioned, the environment is one of the essential aspects as far as learning maths goes. Little kids find it fun to learn about things that surround their environment. In doing so, they slowly develop math skills like counting.

As a parent or carer, sharing your maths experience with your kids allows them to learn from you. This is creating an environment that encourages them to learn and understand the subject. The kids will also appreciate the fact that maths is present in almost all aspects of life. 

For instance, you can explain how your home’s constructors applied maths when purchasing the building materials. You can even allow them to construct the same home model and make them count everything they need. It gives them a perfect environment to learn maths.

6. Teach Them Using a Piggy Bank

Kids can learn some aspects like counting, adding, or subtracting using a piggy bank. Let them count the coins as they throw them inside and deduct them when they spend some. 

For smaller kids, you can count them loudly as you put them inside the bank. In this way, they learn not only maths but also the saving aspect.

5. Use TV Programmes

For the present-day kids, TV is one of the best things around them. Identifying a maths tutorial program on the TV will help them learn and understand it easily.

An educational maths series will immensely boost some of their aspects like counting. Identify one such program and let them learn alongside you. By learning together, they’ll find it more fun and will understand without much struggle. 


Teaching your kids is a fun way of helping them to improve daily. As we said, they will always understand things that come their way in a friendly manner more easily than those that sit down seriously to listen to their teachers in school. So make it a habit to teach children in their daily activities, and you will find it the best way to boost their approach to maths.


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