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5 Quick Easy Ways To Dry Carpets After Cleaning

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Cleaning your rugs daily is significant both for the fitness and life span of the carpet itself and of those residing in your house. Carpeted floors can conceal dust and smell. It is why it is essential to understand how to dry the carpet quickly after cleaning.

Carpets that have been rinsed but not appropriately dried can re-capture the dust and mold you just served to extract, as well as develop bacteria and mildew in their thread. That’s why knowledge about how to dry your rug after cleaning is particularly vital to protect your carpets, residence, and even your family’s health.

If you’re thinking about how to dry your carpet after rinsing, you should learn first that the reply to your concern depends on various factors, involving the kind of carpet you’re cleaning, the cleaning technique you’ve employed, the size of the rug, and the inside atmosphere of your home.

  1. Blowing The Carpet Dry

It includes employing a blower or fan to wither some area of the rug. While this technique might be the fastest, it isn’t as detailed as others referred to above. That said, it can be referred to in addition to other techniques mentioned.

If you don’t possess a blower and your carpet was rinsed by a competent carpet cleaning service, you can ask them to assist with blow-drying your carpet. It works for quickly drying out some regions.

  1. Towel Dry

Taking a towel to dry your rug is also an incredible option. You should begin by laying towels over damp areas on your carpet. The towel is produced out of soaking fabric. Thus when you utilize it over a damp carpet, it dries up the surface by soaking water into the towel.

Regardless, employing a towel to dry up your wet rug needs a slight physical effort on your side. You require to step back and along with over the towels that you set on the carpet. You should step and jump enough that the towels become absorbed in water.

  1. Using A Fan

If you possess a roof fan and your carpet isn’t fixed directly underneath your roof fan, then you’re on the positive side. Your roof appears handy, particularly when the temperature isn’t reasonable for drying your carpet.

It can be an incredible benefit because the fan circulates the air nicely in a continual way. This means will accelerate carpet drying and as well either away from the sour smell.

  1. Use a Shop Vac

Shop vacs are manufactured to puff up extra water, just as vacuums are manufactured to suck up dust and residue. If you already possess a shop vac or have selected to borrow one from a carpet laundering firm, try using a shop vac as you would a vacuum over the recently tidied up carpet. You can operate the shop vac for the wet carpet multiple times to extract as much water as you can before enabling the water residue to vaporize over time.

  1. Ask for a Professional’s Help

If you’re getting professional carpet cleaning services for your carpet, consult your service for a “blow-dry.” Carpet cleaners can employ blowers or vacs to assist extract water from your newly cleaned carpet. 

For most skilled cleaners, the blow-drying procedure is relatively fast, so, probably, your carpet won’t be fully dry when they finish. After your skilled blow-dry, it’s still a promising idea to open a ceiling fan and a few windows, turn up the HVAC system, or do the carpet yourself with the help of a shop vac.


Drying carpet after rinsing is an honestly brutal task, however, it can be made simple if you possess the mandatory skills and efforts. Thus, if you like to take your carpet drying activity to the next level, you should employ skilled cleaners. They have the proper type of cleaning equipment that performs the job well.

Remember, you can be fierce in cutting down the drying period of your carpets by rinsing them or having them tidied up more often. The more dust that soaks internal fibers, the more water must be utilized to remove them.


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