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Easy Steps On How To Get Blood Out Of Sheets

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Bloodstain on sheets is not uncommon. But a slight dilemma arises when a sheet is stained, and you’re clueless on how to get blood out of sheets, especially if it’s a bamboo king sheet.

Let’s say you have a bloody nose; the blood from your nose can stain your bamboo king sheet when you decide to take a quick nap or get tucked in for the night. Bloodstains are quite noticeable, and no one likes the sight.  So, it would help to know how to get blood out of sheets.

Irrespective of your sheets, bloodstains can be removed from even bamboo king sheets; if you know how to go about it. It does not matter how long the stain’s been there; it can still be totally removed. If you’re clueless about how to get blood out of sheets, this article is just for you. Continue reading to find out how to have your sheets good as new in no time.


One of the easiest methods to get blood out of sheets is adding cold water to the stain.  This may look like a counterproductive step, but it is actually the best solution. Hot water will only make the stain stick even deeper, but cold water can get rid of it effectively.  All you should do is to place the spot stained with blood under cold running water.


If you notice the bloodstain on your bamboo king sheet before it gets dried, you should look for a clean piece of cloth to dab it. This will remove the excess bloodstain from the sheet. You can dab the stain using a wet washcloth. Do not rub the wet washcloth on the bloodstain but only dab it. This way, you can easily get blood out of sheets.

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Placing your stained bamboo king sheet under cold running water, and dabbing it will only succeed in removing the excess bloodstain, but some stains will still be left on the sheet. To remove this left-over stain, you will need to soak the stained area in cold water.  

Apply Stain Fighter

Are you still wondering how to get blood out of sheets? Well, here’s another very effective method. After soaking the sheet in cold water, you can now apply the stain fighter to it to effectively remove the left-over stain from the sheet.  So many products can act as a stain fighter; a perfect example is hydrogen peroxide.  Hydrogen peroxide can work effectively if the sheet is white.

Ensure you dilute the hydrogen peroxide with water before you apply it to the sheet since hydrogen peroxide can be hazardous to fabrics. After mixing the hydrogen peroxide with water, soak the sheet for 24 hours and check later to see if the stain is off. Repeat the process if needed.

You don’t have to be bothered about how to get blood out of sheets anymore. Follow the steps above, and your bamboo sheets king would be squeaky clean in a matter of minutes.


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