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Easy Methods That Works For Reset Your Brother Printer

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Are your Brother printers not responding or experiencing difficulty connecting to your computer? If there’s a problem that’s causing problems then restoring the settings of your Brother printer to the factory default settings could help you resolve the Brother Printer shows offline issue.

Restoring your printer to its factory default setting is also a good way to protect sensitive information like security settings and passwords from access by outsiders. This is a good option when you’re sending your Brother printer in for repairs or want to dispose or recycle your printer.

How can set my Brother printing device to the default setting settings?

In the event of resetting a Brother printer to its default setting. There are three options that are available:

  • Network. Resets the internal printer server to its factory settings including the security password as well as the IP.
  • Address & Fax. Resets each stored phone number and fax settings.
  • The printer’s settings are reset to factory default settings.

It is important to note that setting your Brother printer to its factory settings is an action that you cannot undo. It is recommended to create a backup copy for your archives, documents as well as passwords, and IP addresses before you do it.

Reset Brother Printer to Network, Address & Fax, or All Settings

  1. Disconnect the interface cable for Network as well as All Settings reset functions.
  2. Use the menu button on the printer’s control panel.
  3. By using the Up or Up or Arrow keys, choose Initial Setup and then press OK.
  4. Utilizing the Up and Down Arrow keys Select Reset, after that press OK.
  5. By using the Up or Down Arrow keys, choose the reset function that is of your choice, and then click OK.
  6. Follow through with one of these actions
  • In order to reset All Settings, press “1” and proceed with the following step.
  • If you wish to leave with no modifications, simply press “2”.

You’ll be requested to reset your printer. You can continue with one of the following steps:

  • If you want to reset your printer To reset the printer, hit “1”.
  • If you’d like to exit without resetting the printer, simply press 2.

The steps are only applicable to Brother MFCL2685DW and MFCL2700DW models and the MFCL2705DW. Check out the user manual to get a more precise guide to reset your Brother printer back to factory default settings.

Factory Reset Brother Printer (Alternative Steps)

The procedure for reset is different based upon your Brother printer. If these steps aren’t working, try the alternative procedure.

Step 1. Switch off the Brother printer, and then disconnect its power cord from its outlet.

Step 2. Close all lids and covers before proceeding.

Step 3. Connect the power cord onto the outlet.

Step 4. Make sure you press long on the “go” button on the control panel of the printer.

Step 5. Hit the power button while keeping your grip on your “go” button.

Step 6. Let the machine start fully before proceeding.

Step 7. Release the hold by pressing the “go” button “go” button.

Step 8. Watch for the indicators of light to get stable before slowing down before proceeding.

Step 9. When the light indicators are activated Press the “Go” six times “Go” button six times.

Step 10. Your Brother printer will be reset to the default factory settings.

Factory Reset of Brother Printer by using software

The two reset methods described earlier require using the Brother printing device’s control panel. It is also useful to get rid from Brother Printer shows offline error.  You can, however, set your Brother printer to its default settings that it was when it was first installed on your computer by using the printer software.

  1. Start your browser on the web before going to support.brother.com.
  2. Type in your printer’s model into the Search by Model Name search box, or search for and choose your printer in the Search by Product Category below the search box.
  3. Select an OS (Operating System) and click OK.
  4. Then you will be directed to a list of drivers and software which you are able to download through Brother such as the ControlCentere4 which can enhance your overall printing experience. Look down to the Management Tool list and then click BRAdmin.
  5. Follow the instructions to download the application.
  6. Start the downloaded program, and follow the instructions displayed on the screen.
  7. Start through the BRAdmin and then choose Brother MFC2700DW to reset.
  8. Select Control and then click the Network Configuration.
  9. When asked, enter your password after which click Ok.
  10. In the Control menu, select Factory Reset.

You can also solve your Brother Printer shows offline issue by reset your brother printer. You can change the settings of your Brother Ink and toner cartridges particularly in the case of compatible cartridges. Compatible Brother ink and cartridges are less expensive than OEM ones, however, you’ll have to bypass the printer’s protection system for cartridges to ensure they function smoothly. Ink or toner cartridge reset can help accomplish the trick.

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